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Green Globe Yearbook 1994 Friedjof Nansen Institute Not stated

By Shashi S Narayana
Last Updated: Saturday 04 July 2015

THE rootless post-modernist, lost in exhausting productivity and mindless consumerism, has been forced to wake up to the severe erosion of the environment. But despite the host of developmental alternatives, he is unable to stop the rapacious consumption by policymakers and the public at large. The result: a rapidly shrivelling planet constantly denuded of its vital non-renewable resources.

This yearbook documents the vast canvas of problems, solutions and future prospects of existing and emerging problem areas, besides profiles of the participants (NGOs) cooperating in environment and development.

The latest edition includes researched articles on various environmental issues like deep seabed mining, the problem of migratory species, and desertification. It discusses the role of the international community, and questions the efficacy of international environmental treaty secretariats and intergovernmental organisations. International cooperation and local action emerge as probable solutions to the crisis.

Camilla Toulmin, the author of Combating Desertification, points out a number of important potential linkages between desertification and climatic changes at various levels. Markussen focuses on the environmental consequences of deep seabed mining, national and international responses in terms of legislations and treaties protecting the environment. The article is informative but is heavy reading.

Important data on international agreements on environment and development are itemised together with intergovernmental organisations and a selective group of NGOs, and their activities and objectives. The book would be a useful guide for international organisations, decisionmakers in government, NGOs and industry as well as a good reference book for students of environment.

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