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  • When will the Indian

    When will the Indian Government open its eyes to the unethical practises being carried out in clinical trials and mostly on the poor, whose welfare is its responsibility?

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • This is a paid article. So

    This is a paid article. So called 'journalists" who actually write such articles doesn't even know A THING about trials. I question THEIR "ETHICS" first !


    Group of people (including some doctors) are hell bent on creating fear in the minds of people against such researches. They have their own vested interests in creating such propaganda.

    They should be ashamed of themselves and should be boycotted by the medical fraternity.
    Drug trials are absolutely needed for the betterment of humanity.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • I think friend good

    I think friend good samaritan, the samaritan is the article author!

    Nowhere it is being said that do not conduct clinical trials - just conduct it ethically, scientifically and sensitive to the rights of poor people. Even as I write this you must have seen reports of the trial in AP that went awry.

    I work in the pharma industry and my experience is that unless there is proper regulation of these trials (at present there is practically next to none or those that are do not have any teeth), clinical trials itself will come under disrepute and the baby will be thrown with the bw. You do not want that situation do you?

    Btw, who will the author get paid by? Pharma industry? Who else has the money?

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • Dear Fried May god bestow

    Dear Fried
    May god bestow upon you, family and likes some good medical trials. Humanity needs medical trails.Amen

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • Dear Author

    Dear Author /Editor

    Congratulations for bringing such key issue (Ethics on trial, 1-15th June 2011 DTE)before the stakeholders.Clinical trial on the human beings should be transparent by way of:

    @ Total documentary evidence on the use and impact of
    @ Should inform the volunteers about the cause and
    consequence of drugs used both on short and long
    terms problems,
    @ Clinical trial should not be considered as a
    business but use it for the human health and
    @ No volunteer should be forced and poverty or
    vulnerability should not be exploited and it should
    be with full acceptance,
    @ Temporary monetary needs should not be compromised
    the after effects on health and physical structure
    @ Volunteer should be explained all there aspects in
    the presence of their family members not the
    agents and
    @ Matching insurance both for health and life should
    be arranged before the agreement.

    Hope, these measures will resolve the present issue and help to do the process of clinical trial in an transparent and healthy environment which is acceptable to all the stakeholders.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • Good Samaritans can lead

    Good Samaritans can lead themselves by example by subjecting themselves or their family members to this... rather than enjoying the fruits of subjecting other human beings as guinea pigs for these clinical trials in the name of human betterment.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • Excellent article and a great

    Excellent article and a great eye-opener.

    Keep up the good work.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  •   Dear Good Samaritan I hope


    Dear Good Samaritan

    I hope you read the entire story. In fact in the story we acknowledge that clinical trials are important for drug discovery. The only and biggest objection is that these trials are not being conducted 'ethically'. The title of story suggests the same..Ethics on trial...


    Posted by: Ankur Paliwal | one year ago | Reply
  • Excellent! very

    Excellent! very well-researched and comprehensive...

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • I concurr with the views of N

    I concurr with the views of N Lakshmi Narayana

    Thanks Mr Ankur Paliwal for such a relatively untouched issue...

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • To the world outside, this is

    To the world outside, this is something they can not even imagine.

    If the boss asks them to use their car to go for an official work, they would scream back- its unfair.

    That is how different we are in desperation. To live.

    But will the situation change after the article?

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • I have been pretty interested

    I have been pretty interested about this entire chaos and hulla boo about Clinical Trials that has been in the media in the past months. Being a final year law student and an ardent researcher of any subject under scrutiny,
    Following are the points that the author of this article has blatantly refused to see and consider and the following are the ones which I have concluded after an extensive subjective and practical field research on the same:

    1.the nuances of medical science are beyond the understanding of a normal Journalist. Hence before writing such article, which portrays clinical researches in bad light, medical personnels view should be published along with.

    2. Infact, the results obtaine dby the trial mentioned above have been conducted in Govt Medical Colleges and they undergo rigorous scrutinty at all levels, namely:
    a) Government;
    b) Ethics Committee; and
    c) Drug Controller General of India

    3. furthermore, the patients so enrolled in the trial, sign informed consent forms in regional language which they fully udnerstand and they are given time to understand the procedure and withdraw if they want to from the trial.

    4. Moreover, at the same time, the Internationally acclaimed Drug Trial companies, fully insure the patients so enrolled under the trial and even minor adverse events do not go unreported.

    5. Also, these trials are post marketing trials, meaning thereby that the drugs have already been available in the markets since quite long. Therefore, all such drugs are known to be Phase IV drug Trials. Further, the relevant DCGI rules and the law made for the same requires these drugs to undergo a research in India by means of a medical Trial.

    6. If such negative thoughts against Medical Trials are circulated by the media, without any authentication and truth in the content, the day would not be far when clinical researches would come to a complete halt in India and India would be devoid of any new research molecule.

    For any pertinent and relevant query you can contact me on this forum.


    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • Dear Pavi, As it was also

    Dear Pavi,
    As it was also mentioned earlier, if you feel so strongly about it, first you must volunteer to undergo the trials... may be also include some of your family then understand what those families go through. I know that they need to follow the ethics code etc, but then why the poor are the targets? Would others also volunteer?
    So talking is good, but then why the poor to be targeted? Don't their lives have value? What about the side effects which will last a life time? Who will pay for them?

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • As a researcher, I agree that

    As a researcher, I agree that a robust drug discovery program require phase trials. But it should be performed with atmost scientific and ethical guidelines and procedures. A similar incident happened in 1990's at Regional cancer Center, Trivandrum Kerala, where the cancer drugs from Johns Hopkins cancer instutute, USA, was used on patients without adequate measures. First of all, all the practices MUST BE conducted based on international norms to carryout these trials and tests.
    Another point is to educate the volunteers. I am pretty sure that in most of the cases they throw themselves out there without proper knowledge. The whole process should be channeled though apt agencies that monitor the ethical aspects of human drug trials.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • You miss the point, don't

    You miss the point, don't you. In case you can't see rather than choosing to ignore, It is the exploitation of weaker sections. Why don't you also volunteer to test ulcer medicines yourself for the betterment of humanity. Even in case of side effects a rich person will have money for treatment i guess. Well,greater common good for humanity now.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 6 years ago | Reply
  • This article was really good.

    This article was really good. it was eye opener regarding how poor people are being exploited for the sake of clinical trials.Of course clinical trials are important for drug approval,but they must be carried out with full responsibility.Informed consent of the person is must.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 5 years ago | Reply
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