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India world’s 13th most water-stressed country: WRI

The World Resources Institute also notes that 12 of the world's most water-…

Water-stressed in India: Officials claim Hapur water table has risen due to JSA

UP district was among 10 worst perfomers in water conservation work

Water-stressed in India: Perception trumps reality in Bengal’s Hooghly

Locals claim they have enough water; Down to Earth found farmers extracted …


A God we must not fail

2020 is our make-or-break decade to ensure water security. We need to make water our single-…

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COVID-19 outbreak: More hand washing can increase India's water woes

Family of five would need 100 to 200 litres of water per day only to wash hands  

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Wastewater resource, not liability: Moving towards circular economy

If recovered fully from wastewater, there would be a reduction in global demand for …

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'Change perception about wastewater'

Blanca Jimnez-Cisneros,Director, Division of Water Sciences, and Secretary of International Hydrological Programme, UNESCO

"Cape Town's consciousness about water consumption has helped reduce demand"

Xanthea Limberg,She is mayoral committee member for informal settlements, water and waste services, and energy