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Gandhian sanitation simplified: Reusability, sustainability lead to cleanliness

Water supply has to be linked to the system of sanitation and wastewater generation in India;…

Gandhian Sanitation: Political will, proactive sarpanch changed the sanitation scene in Mariyapuram

The village sarpanch formed self-help and youth groups to motivate the village residents; …

Gandhian Sanitation: Ariyanendal’s streets flooded regularly with grey water; here is how they got cleaned

The Tamil Nadu village used MGNREGA and Panchayat funds to build individual and community …


Rural water and sanitation needs to prioritise sustainability

Prioritising drinking water source sustainability, mix-up of nutrient cycle and&…

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Managing water resources key for Tanzania’s sanitation fight

Part 2: Funding biggest bottleneck for carrying out plans; CSE team finds greywater …

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Ground report: Tanzania’s sanitation battle is just half won

Part 1: CSE team finds awareness campaign for toilets is not enough, correct designs are …

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'Change perception about wastewater'

Blanca Jimnez-Cisneros,Director, Division of Water Sciences, and Secretary of International Hydrological Programme, UNESCO

"Cape Town's consciousness about water consumption has helped reduce demand"

Xanthea Limberg,She is mayoral committee member for informal settlements, water and waste services, and energy