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India to witness severe food inflation due to extreme weather

The record-breaking vegetable price rise indicates an era of high food inflation in coming years

Indian economy will be hit hard by rising heat: Global report

By 2030, the average loss in daylight working hours could put between 2.5% and 4.5% of the …

Three things historical literature can teach us about the climate crisis

The climate emergency may be unprecedented, but there are a few key ways in which past …

Climate emergency: A question of semantics?

Framing the changing climate as an emergency is preventing progress towards climate action

Climate Negotiations


Madrid, Spain 02 Dec - 13 Dec 2019

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COP 24

Katowice, Poland 03 Dec - 14 Dec 2018

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COP 23

Bonn, Germany 06 Nov - 17 Nov 2017

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COP 22

Marrakech, Morocco 07 Nov - 18 Nov 2016

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Sunita Narain on Climate Change

Of pests and climate change

The locust attack in western India is not just another local phenomoenon. Eventually, it traces back to climate change

Climate emergency CoP 25: Circumventing climate action

What should be done, now that the longest CoP is over

Climate Emergency CoP 25: Circumventing climate action

For countries like India to have cleaner futures, climate agreements must walk the talk; not just talk the talk

books on climate change
Rising to the Call: Good Practices of Climate Change Adaptation in India

Adaptation is necessary to manage the risks posed by climate change. Rising to the Call is a …

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CLIMATE CHANGE NOW - The Story of Carbon Colonisation

We live in the age of climate change—heat waves, extreme weather events, increase in diseases …

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Climate Change Reader for Universities

Climate change is dictating the fate of our planet. Record temperatures, melting ice sheets and …

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