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High Seas Treaty expected to enter force by 2024, should address climate impacts on migratory marine species: Experts

High seas are waters that are beyond national control, comprising around two-thirds of the …

Residential solar PVs face challenges in South Africa — low affordability compromises mass appeal

Adoption of solar PV systems requires a high capital investment which is beyond the reach …

Climate disasters cause surge in mental health disorders in a Sundarbans block

Migration and malnutrition due to frequent cyclones and rising sea levels trigger …

Climate crisis impact: Australia’s most intense cyclone wiped out 90% of seabirds on an island

Over 33,000 seabird deaths at Bedout Island highlight the increasing severity of tropical …

Sunita Narain on Climate Change

Changing narratives

It is time we discussed the science behind the phase out of fossil fuels; by when and which fuel

Dangerous distractions: World needs to rise above conflicts, both armed & unarmed, to fight against climate change

The unarmed war — between the so-called West and so-called East (US vs China) — is going to make things worse for fight against climate change

Dark underbelly of carbon trade

CSE-DTE’s investigation has found inconvenient truths, which should lead us to change

books on climate change

With a comprehensive, one-of-its-kind ranking of the state of States in India, on multiple …

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The State of Africa’s Environment Report 2023 (eBook) is the inaugural edition in this series.

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Decarbonizing India’s Iron and Steel Sector report

The iron and steel sector is a hard-to-abate sector in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, but …

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Forests and Climate Change

It is clear that forests will play a critical role in the world’s desperate fight to combat …

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India's Renewable Energy Goals, Facts About Progress Made Till 2022

India has set ambitious renewable energy targets for itself. The achievement of these targets …

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Climate change is real. The very fact that the American President, Joe Biden, invited 40 world …

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Climate Negotiations


Dubai, United Arab Emirates 30 Nov - 12 Dec 2023

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COP 27

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt 06 Nov - 18 Nov 2022

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COP 26

Glasgow, Scotland 31 Oct - 12 Nov 2021

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COP 25

Madrid, Spain 02 Dec - 13 Dec 2019

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