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  • It is interesting that one of

    It is interesting that one of India's so-called conservation organizations, the BNHS is primarily funded by MSPL/Baldota !

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • "How Bellary was laid

    "How Bellary was laid waste"

    Let me present few of my observations on this:

    I presented an article in Vaartha daily newspaper on 12/13-8-2010 relating mining industry in India. Last week one of the daily nespaper listed the illegal mining activities in India state by state running into thousands of illegal mining activities in which top ranking is Maharashtra.

    In the case of Iron ore production in 2006 is around 1690 m.t. in the world of which china share was 520, Australia 270, Brazil 300 and India 150. In India of the 105.5 m.t. produced in 2003 around 31 m.t. were exported.

    In India the high grade iron ore is available 1280 m.t. of this MP 630, Odisha 320, Karnataka 220, Bihar 85; medium grade iron ore 4200 m.t. in which Bihar 1790, Odisha 1300, MP 485, Karnataka 440, Goa 150;

    Last year Delhi based TV Journalist came to me to talk on Iron mafia. In this I pointed out why no body is taking on environmental impact. On this he asked me to talk on this issue which I did but I don't hear from him any thing.

    With this background I wanted raise few important issue. Why national media gives so much importance to Karnataka and Reddy brothers when the high grade iron ore ileegal minings are taking place in other states on body talks. Reddy brothers entered the iron ore business lately and yet every body talks gainst them. During Congress regime and During TDP regime what happened: were illegal mining activit in Anantapur/Bellary zone? This is all Hypocracy, is it not so?

    Why not present the entire iron ore illegal mining picture and list all those who are involved in this trade. This is the best and unbiassed opinion. That carried credability. Justice Santosh Hegde talked about BJP and JD group leaving aside Congress and other illegal traders. Why? Just because he was appointed by Congress?

    Let us not be part of convassing for vested groups. When Maharshtra tops the list of illegal mining why no body talks on them just because they are congress?
    What about MP, Odisha, Bihar???

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • Justice Santosh Hegde was

    Justice Santosh Hegde was appointed by BJP government but he was more committed to nation than to the political party appointed him. No doubt, there is illegal mining in other states but the growth was much slower. China had big appetite for iron ore and Reddys supplied to them turning lot of officials and politicians corrupt.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • good work. many have lost

    good work. many have lost interest in the story with chief minister's ouster. good that you pursue it. wish you pursue it till the mining mafia land up where they belong.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • The basic question is --

    The basic question is -- Justice is a good person then he should have given facts and figures of illegal mining by others from congress and other parties -- has he given that, before making so and so is corrupt. The answer is no!!! Same is the case on your observation on Reddy brothers -- do you have statistics on who exported, how much: legally and illegally? I don't think you have such data. So, you are also making the same statements that the media is making to cut them politically.

    Media persons used to meet me for my interview on some issues and ask me: Sir, so much illegal iron ore export is going on from Khammam by prominent local politicians, why people are not talking on them. Then I told them, it is your duty to bring to the notice of public such issues. We will then support you but no body dared to that. Why??

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • very good work. but will the

    very good work. but will the guilty be punished?. we need more Anna hazares to tackle this menace and a fool proof law with teeth.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • The whole thing was due to

    The whole thing was due to the greed of miners as well officials who are supposed to control it. Everybody in the streets of Hospet and Bellary knew the loot that was going on since 2005, but not Government. When iron ore was sold at more than Rs.2500/- per ton, the Govt was taking royalty at a paltry rate of Rs.27/- per ton. Miners who made hundreds of crores every month didn't even bother to take care of their home towns. You will be surprised to find utterly bad roads even in front of mining magnates houses/offices. a holistic and sincere effort by authorities is required urgently.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
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