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  • After reading the first few

    After reading the first few lines its ample clear to me that the people sitting on all those institutions and research bodies are on the payroll of the MNC's,namely Monsanto.As for monsanto,just a random search on google with the keywords 'monsanto fraud' should dispel all remaining doubts about the whole process.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 8 years ago | Reply
  • The article is inherently

    The article is inherently biased, which is less than what is expected of one of our best journals and journalists. Why are there no inputs from scientists on the other side? How can a common citizen get a balanced view if a reputed journalists like yours presents only one side of the picture, not unlike what the Academies have been accused of doing?

    Posted by: Anonymous | 8 years ago | Reply
  • I entirely agree with the

    I entirely agree with the views of my esteemed friend Dr.Puspha M.Bhargava who is not only a great scientist but also one with a human face. Gandhiji long ago said that some of the social evilson this topic are:
    "Commerce without Morality",
    "Knowledge without Character" and
    "Science without Humanity"
    The reports of the Academies are not based on a comprehensive approach to unravel the long lasting scientific truths.The summary of the Academies report:
    "The overwhelming view is that the Bt brinjal is safe for human consumption and that its environmental effects are negligible.ÔÇØ This viewindicates the high level of ecological illitercy among the experts of the academies and naturally it is bound to be in direct conflict with the latest scientific report on the same Bt brinjal EE-1 Event by David Andow,who is one of the best known experts on the environmental safety of GM crops..
    While Dr.David Andow is a Genuine Expert as per Law of Evidence,the experts of the Academies may not
    satisfy the definition of a true expert as per Law and naturally their views should be placed before the public for a debate when these experts can be questioned by the public who should be satisfied by the answers given by them as such satisfatory replies is one of the criteria for classification of a person as "an Expert" under the Law

    Posted by: Anonymous | 8 years ago | Reply
  • dear sanghamitra, thank you

    dear sanghamitra, thank you for the kind words about DTE.i think you have missed the crux of the issue here: the views of 'other side' as you call it are all in the inter-academy report (which we have posted on our website), how they view GM crops and Bt brinjal in particular and also their approach to scientific research is clear from the way the report was put together --no references, no details of who took part in the deliberations, etc. the only scientist we could identify on the other side is m. vijayan, president of INSA, who has been speaking on behalf of all the academies and he has been quoted here. perhaps you are aware that one of the six academies that took part in this exercise, the National Academy of Medical Sciences, has distanced itself from the report. Its president k.k. talwar is reportedly demanding that a new report should be prepared on a proper scientific basis. if we had more scientists like talwar from the 'other side' who are willing to speak out we would not have such shoddy science in the country. latha jishnu

    Posted by: Anonymous | 8 years ago | Reply
  • Given the poupation of our

    Given the poupation of our country, I think adopting GMO crops is the way to go as long as it has been proven to be safe for consumption. Our current path leads to more hunger and higher costs of living. I agree with your points that we need adequate research that has reasonable basis and can support evidence but taking a one sided view(which I think a lot of people in this thread have) is not fair.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 8 years ago | Reply
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