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  • Since last 12years Govt Of

    Since last 12years Govt Of Odisha has been inking a number of MOUs with trans-national companies;the arbitration clauses of which are either a guarded secret or conspicuously absent in public domain.Legal experts & academicians should visit and analyze their impacts on democratic governance,sustainable development and environmental/ecological equilibrium.Will Latha Jishnu take the initiative?

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • This is a hair-raising story.

    This is a hair-raising story. How can companies sue sovereign nations about policies to protect the health of their people? The case involving Uruguay and Australia is particularly shocking. I hope the government of India will take some measures to avoid being sued by such companies. But if Germany could be sued, why not India?

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • In this environment, India is

    In this environment, India is rushing forward to sign the EU-India FTA without any public debate inspite of the enormous impact this is likely to have on people's livelihoods. Imagine the havoc that unscrutinised BITs under such FTAs are likely to have on our economy!

    I think it is essential for civil society to demand that the terms of the EU-FTA be subjected to wide ranging public debate before it is signed.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • Many banks and economists

    Many banks and economists have done gold analysis and have determined the future is bright and shiny for the metal. Considering how many countries have gold natural resources I can only imagine the treaties and agreements that are being singed under the table without public debate.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 7 years ago | Reply
  • Sorry, I support German

    Sorry, I support German Government fully. The only three countries in the world which actually gives respect back to the earth are Germany, Switzerland and Austria. There must be strict rules to restrict the environmental exploitations. Wake up people and respect mother earth, not everything is business and money. Thank you for posting such informative article.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 5 years ago | Reply
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