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Bacteria in mangrove forests can eliminate mosquitoes

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  • Dear Sir / Madam, Yes, it is

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    Yes, it is a concern for the deaths due to malaria, dengue etc.
    However, I would like to share herewith one success story based on Bio-control of mosquito. Biocontrol with common fish like Guppy ( mosquitofish ), is good solution for common people. This is a simple and easy technology, which is not new. There is a case- study done in the rural perspectives of Assam (India). People got benefited with this process. The link may perhaps give an insight / update on this approach to control mosquitoes at homebased approaches in successful manner.

    Depending on its success, this process is going to be much more effective, if applied / adopted near future in some malaria / dengue / enchephelitis endemic areas.

    Thanking you. Regards.
    Nripendra Kumar Sarma
    Guwahati, Assam, India

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  • Mr Sharma, Bio-environmental

    Mr Sharma,

    Bio-environmental control with fishes such as guppy is a good idea mainly for control of Anopheles (malaria transmitting) and Culex (filariasis, JE transmitting) species of mosquitoes which breed primarily in larger water bodies such as ponds, rice fields etc. When it comes to Aedes mosquitoes (Dengue transmitting) - they breed in small collections such as in air coolers, plastic cups, discarded coconut shells etc - and are primarily addressed by better waste management, and prevention of collection of water in coolers and pots etc - a behavioural change.



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  • Try to read some newer

    Try to read some newer aspects to control mosquito vector
    Here are the links:
    1.ChemistryWorld 23 Sep
    mosquito populations

    3.Indian Scientists Develop Cheaper, Safer Way To Kill Mosquitoes ...ÔÇÄ
    Sep 19, 2013 - Indian Scientists Develop Cheaper, Safer Way To Kill Mosquitoes ... easy way to control mosquitoes

    4. ÔÇ║ Health/EducationÔÇÄ

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  • Excellent post. Of late

    Excellent post. Of late mosquitoes have become immunized for coils,mats, chemicals etc. Earlier I used to drive away mosquitoes with mosquito coils. In fact in the past the Municipal authorities arranged to spray kerosene at drainage canals. This will prevent mosquito breeding. Here is a funny story. I purchased Ultrasonic mosquito repeller from Italy. When I used this in India Mosquitoes were dancing round the instrument. Perhaps the instrument was meant of Italian Mosquitoes but not Indian though both countries names start with I.
    Will Bill Gates announce a big reward for finding solution to mosquito problem?
    Simple methods for Mosquito Control
    Mosquitoes are a pest that one often does not pay much attention to. However, mosquitoes are not just an irritating menace, they can also be a health hazard; a carrier of diseases. Therefore, it is always recommended to get rid of mosquitoes, irrespective of how severe or mild the pest problem is.
    You can try the following common methods for controlling mosquitoes in your home. However, if the problem gets severe, you should call the pest control company.
    1. Mosquito Repellents
    This is the most common control measure used for mosquito problems. Mosquito repellents come in various forms:
    ÔÇó Mosquito Coils - Coils are usually inexpensive but the smoke can get overwhelming if the room is kept shut for a long time.
    ÔÇó Electric Mosquito Machines - This is the most efficient method for mosquito control on a regular basis. All Out and Goodnight are the most popular brands on the shelf for electric repellent machines.
    ÔÇó Mosquito Aerosol Sprays - You can use mosquito sprays on occasions when the problem seems more escalated. However, one must be careful to give some time for the spray to disperse before using the room. Hit and Baygon are two well-known brands in this category.
    ÔÇó Mosquito Repellent Creams/Lotions - You can also apply repellent cream and lotion on your skin to keep mosquitoes away from you. These products are safe for use and easy on the skin. Odomos and Goodnight produce mosquito repellent creams in India.
    2. Mosquito Bats
    Mosquito bats are another way of quickly getting rid of mosquitoes around you. These are battery operated and are safe for use. These mosquito bats successfully kill mosquitoes, however they need to be manually operated and are not a permanent solution. Bats usually cost around Rs. 350 and above.
    3. Mosquito Nets
    To protect yourself from mosquitoes while sleeping, you can use mosquito nets over your bed. Ensure that the net seals all points over the bed to avoid mosquitoes from getting in. Mosquito nets are also useful against other nocturnal pests. You can also use netted screens for your windows and openings to keep mosquitoes out of your home.
    4. Mosquito Breeding
    While the above mentioned points are for immediate relief from the mosquito problem, curbing mosquito breeding is an important control measure for health and safety. All pools and puddles of stagnant water should be emptied as stagnant water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes. If you have a garden, make sure water does not stand around any plants, and that the drainage around your home is in proper order.
    5. Clean Environment
    Mosquitoes are naturally attracted to places that are cluttered, messy and have stagnant water. Therefore, maintaining a clean and clutter-free environment is important to minimize mosquito infestation. If your home is situated in a place with heavy vegetation, it is doubly important to keep the surrounding neat. Trim the grass, shrubs and bushes around your home regularly. Keep areas like the bathroom and kitchen clean at all time, and never let any mess accumulate in the house for too long.
    Controlling the mosquito menace is quite easy if you have the right tools to help you out. You can also call pest control services to help with the mosquito control.
    - See more at:
    Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India

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  • Although, the cosmetic

    Although, the cosmetic industry is full of anti-aging products and wrinkle creams none of them can
    actually stop the aging process. This helps to diminish the wrinkles and fine lines present under your eyes.
    Eye creams have formulations that deal with
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