Friday 31 August 2012

Unhealthy countryside

It was once associated with the rich and urban. Today, hypertension is fast spreading in rural India. This is a cause for concern because hypertension, if not checked, can lead to heart and kidney diseases. Healthcare facilities are already poor in villages, where nearly three-fourths of Indians live. For the poor the cost of treatment itself can add to stress, a trigger for high blood pressure. Vibha Varshney, along with Aparna Pallavi in Maharashtra, investigates the reasons behind rising hypertension

Unhealthy countryside
  • I appreciate the effort of

    I appreciate the effort of capturing epidemilogical aspects of CKD; however comprehensive approach needed to assess other associated factors, geneology,kinship and marriages,food culture, over the counter sale of NSAID, perception of pain and relief among people, toxicity in agricultural produces, consumering spending and quality of food available and accesable,geographical features assessing minaral composition of soil, industrial waste management, and finally radition level or possibality of dumping nuclear waste. I hope multilevel reserach is essential covering both qualitative and quantative aspects having on board social scientists, biologists, epidemiologists, toxicologists , policy specialist and other experts. I wish CSE or someone would take intrest for social cause. Venkatesh Sabnis Programme Officer-Link Workers Scheme Karnataka Health Promotion Trust Bangalore 919886679781

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