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  • Basically the normal chulha

    Basically the normal chulha has to be modified by adding
    small gadget[ Without altering the basic dimensions and
    shape ] which should provide excess of air for complete combustion without any external energy , We are working on the project and will come out with the same in 2 Months

    Posted by: Anonymous | 8 years ago | Reply
  • According to WHO, Every year

    According to WHO, Every year 5,00,000 women and children in India die of indoor air pollution caused by inefficient wood burning stoves. Many improved cook stoves are confined to labs and research institutes. Cooking methods are a combination of fuel available , stove building skills, culinary habits. Many improved cook stove models like Rocket Stove , TLUD made of mild steel, ceramic, fired clay are available. Extensive training of village blacksmiths, village potters, local artisans ( known as sikhligars in south) alone will lead to large scale adoption of improved cook stoves. Any stove made at a central location, subsidised by government, made of material not available locally, implemented by government agencies is doomed to fail as is happening for the past 30 years.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 8 years ago | Reply
  • i wood just like to get price

    i wood just like to get price list of oorja jumbo K 30 and the cost of pellets to be used for the stove in ANDHRA PRADESH .

    Posted by: Anonymous | 8 years ago | Reply
  • As far as I think the above

    As far as I think the above stove works on wood gasification, whether its a true TLUD or not, I am not sure, the smoke that comes out of wood stoves is basically CO, traces of Hydrogen and Methane and Tar which all can be burned to gain useful heat.

    A wood gasification stove works by preheating extra air and combining it with wood gas for nearly complete combustion, also to control the production of wood gas the burning of biomass/wood/fuel is controlled by controlling the air provided to it.

    If sufficient air is provided to burn fuel in a normal stove, complete combustion may take place but the fuel will be consumed very rapidly, a similar concept is for a fluidized bed combustion system and it is applied for large boilers and/or power plants. The key here is to create enough turbulence so that air combines with the produced flue gases before it exits the burn chamber.

    Stoves that work on turbulence are also called fan jet stoves, which I believe was said by Mr. Paul S. Anderson aka Dr. TLUD.

    I hope this helps.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 6 years ago | Reply
  • More than half of the Indian

    More than half of the Indian woman in the rural areas suffer from respiratory issues due to inhaling smoke from the kitchen. With the launch of the biomass stove, a change can be made. But the government need to have a better marketing strategy.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 5 years ago | Reply
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