Tuesday 30 April 2013

Author(s): Ankur Paliwal

Solar trick

Solar trick

A number of solar mission projects operational only on paper

  • Rajsun Technies Pvt Ltd -

    Rajsun Technies Pvt Ltd - 100MW is Reliance Power Project in Rajasthan. Any update on their plant thats also delayed..

    Posted by: Anonymous | 2 years ago | Reply
  • Thanks Ankur, for an

    Thanks Ankur, for an excellent in-depth article on the status of CSP in India. there are lessons to be learnt from countries such as Spain, where a frenzy of solar development has run into massive problems. This article published recently at 'The Tyee offers some very sobering conclusions to those who wish to explore further. http://www.resilience.org/stories/2013-05-03/solar-dreams-spanish-realities

    Posted by: Anonymous | 2 years ago | Reply
  • Solar energy plants have been

    Solar energy plants have been making the news headlines for a long time. But it was indeed disappointing to know that the lack in supply of raw materials is making the solar projects again lagging. I hope that the government taken initiatives to implement solar projects soon.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 11 months ago | Reply
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