Eat at your own risk

Eat at your own risk

Junk food is bad for health. Its definition tells its inner story—food that is high on calories and saturated fat but low on nutrition. 

Fat Chance

Fat Chance

Reducing obesity -- the leading cause of non-communicable diseases in the world -- has become a political game. At stake are the interests of the multi-trillion dollar sugar and food industries. Standing up for them is the US government, and supporting it in the sly are several developing nations. VIBHA VARSHNEY reports from the World Health Organization's headquarters on how a plan, which simply says eat healthy, is heating up the waters of Lake Geneva

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  • Good information.But can we

    Good information.But can we do without or avoid these chemicals ?

    Posted by: Anonymous | 6 years ago | Reply
  • With so many chemicals around

    With so many chemicals around us, it is difficult to avoid exposure. But everyone can try to minimise exposure by simple lifestyle changes  - giving up smoking, drinking water from plastic bottles, washing vegetables before cooking, not using chemical dditives in food and so on. 

    But it would be help more if there are policies to reduce the use of chemicals - for example, not using pesticides in agriculture, using safer fuel. Care is needed to establish what is "safe". There have been some instances when manufacturers have moved from harmful chemicals to those "considered" safe. For example, manufacturers  moved from bisphenol A to bisphenol S in plastics. But studies show that this chemical is harmful too. There should be a  mechanism put in place to ensure that toxins do not enter the environment without being proved safe.

    Posted by: Vibha Varshney | one year ago | Reply
  • Here's another strong reason

    Here's another strong reason I really need to go after those coupons for baby formula. You can never be too sure of the food you're buying in regular stores, I prefer to make an extra effort to support a healthier eating and reduce the risk of obesity in my family.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 5 years ago | Reply
  • Well genetics of course plays

    Well genetics of course plays part of it and may be toxins from air could have an effect on weight gain, this reminds me actually of a research i read that the air can make us gain weight from all the acid that comes from the sea.

    But even all this cannot me a huge factor or a simple answer for how we gain weight, because how to gain weight depends basically and in huge percent in what food we eat and the amount of calories on it, and of course some people going to have trouble shedding pounds than other because of not just their metabolism rate but also their inherited genes.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 5 years ago | Reply
  • As an organic vegetarian for

    As an organic vegetarian for over 35 years--and believe me, 35 years ago one could purchase organic fruits, vegetables and beans and rice by joining a collective group that pooled money to get small farmers to grow foods organically--I well understand the difficulties of finding unpolluted food. It changed what my family ate and how we ate. My daughter was already 5 years old, but I had breast fed her until she was almost a year old. She is one of the healthiest people I know, has been since infancy; never runs a fever, gets the flu, cold or other normal illnesses her friends seem to have during cold or flu season. I'm the same way, so it could be genetics. I haven't had a cold or flu, any kind of illness, since 1979 (when I had my tonsils removed). In these times when bottle feeding a baby is considered normal, I suggest breast feeding for at least the first 6 months of your baby's life, or as long as the baby is interested. When my daughter started biting me to see my reaction, I switched her to organic milk. We are all responsible for educating ourselves as to the ingredients in all processed foods and avoiding processed foods as much as possible. People commonly think that organics are more expensive to feed a family, but if you cut out meats and fish, it doesn't have to be prohibitive. You are in control of the ingredients in your soups, stews, sandwiches and occasional desserts. Nothing tastes as delicious as homemade, and a simple dinner of baked organic yams dripping with their own syrup accompanied by organic broccoli or beans takes less than an hour to prepare. Organic baked apples topped with a bit of maple syrup is much better than a store bought cake with a list of ingredients that sounds like a chemical experiment. We should be wary of canned goods, even organic ones, that still use BPA to line cans. Companies want to make a profit, whether store brands or companies like Amy Organics, which still uses BPA-lined cans for its beans, soups and chili. We can all do better. Don't accept plastic bags and don't buy them for home. Waxed paper works just as well. Don't buy air sprays, scented candles for the home, and don't shop at stores that sell products made by slave labor of children and adults. As Jiminy Cricket said, "Let your conscience be your guide." Good words to live by, once we have researched well and developed the conscience necessary to combat the endless propaganda we are barraged with.There's a right and wrong way to live. The right way will lead you to new ideas, new paths to follow, make you stronger and more active. The wrong way will make you unfit, ill and unquestioning and disinterested about life. We are all responsible for the world.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 5 years ago | Reply
  • Hi, am a student researching

    Hi, am a student researching about the growing obesity trend and was redirected here from wikipedia for a list of 20 substances or functional groups classified as obesogen, yet there are only 16. What is up with that?

    Posted by: Anonymous | 5 years ago | Reply
  • We have described only some

    We have described only some of the chemicals in the article. This is a developing field of research and more and more chemicals are being added to the list. For example a January study links tributyltin used in PVC and obesity.

    Posted by: Vibha Varshney | one year ago | Reply
  • The aftereffects of these

    The aftereffects of these chemicals in human body has to be seriously considered and its widespread use has to be restricted. Nowadays, a lot of people are suffering from obesity and thereby prone to many serious health hazards. So strict measures has to be adapted in an emergency mode.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 4 years ago | Reply
  • This is to be considered in

    This is to be considered in serious! Now people, especially IT professionals depend on fast and readymade foods due to their busy works! These readymade foods are prepared by adding several chemicals which has got several bad effects on our body! People are taking these foods without knowing the dangerous! We should aware them about the bad effects of readymade and fast foods!

    Posted by: Anonymous | 4 years ago | Reply
  • Some very interesting weight

    Some very interesting weight loss stories you mentioned there.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 3 years ago | Reply
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