Bioremediation works


In a recent experiment, conducted May through July 2009, Kanpur Nagar Nigam invited WWF India to carry out a pilot project as part of its living Ganga programme under a 5-year WWF HSBC climate partnership.

A 2.5 km stretch of a drain in Kanpur was handed over to J M Enviro, appointed by WWF India. Based on flow and pollution load at select dosing points, the company calculated the quantity of the microbial solution to be added. During this period about eight litres of bacteria medium was added to the flow everyday at Rs 600 per litre. For the entire pilot duration, eight million litres of daily flow was treated to pollution control board standards at Rs 6.1 lakh.

“Although the role of our biological product is to control odour, the live bacterial strains break down complex organic compounds which positively impact the pollutants and organic load,” S B Sharma, general manager of J M Enviro said. The treatment met with approval from the then commissioner of the Kanpur Municipal Corporation who visited the site. Two government, one private and IIT Kanpur corroborated the results.

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