Environment Day Special

Carbon dioxide concentration at Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii

By Indrajit Bose
Last Updated: Sunday 07 June 2015

Environment Day Special

environment day

  • For the past several years, CO2 concentrations have hovered close to 390 ppm. The 400 ppm daily average is a first in human history
  • In the last 50 ppm increase, the Arctic melted. Imagine what another 50 ppm increase will do
  • Diversity of even common species found in most parts of the world will be badly hit. Animal species in particular may decline more as a result of loss of food from plants
  • Some environmentalists are of the view that to return to the 350 ppm level, use of conventional energy sources has to be re-examined. But this is easier said than done. Any alternative measure will require finance and technological assistance from industrialised countries to developing countries. Even though institutions for financial transfer exist under UNFCCC, there is no money and the industrialised world has not provided exclusive climate finance to developing countries yet

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  • Total Environmental

    Total Environmental Management

    The Noble many are the organisations involved in the above fragile and crucial aspect of ecology. One has to offer the gratitude and trillion thanks for their pure good work.

    State, National, International and other Environmental associations and Organisations I like to place before you some of the views for your kind perusal and making it a reality and practical and see it benefits the masses.

    1. Green belt fencing to be carried out, i.e. each village to be covered with a green belt of trees which can be easily grown in that area, the width of maximum 100 to 500 meters. Mango, fruits, bird friendly trees, Teak, Mathi, Honne, Banyan, etc some trees to be planted.
    2. All villagers advised to remove their "Sharp iron fencing" and plant with some kind of green fencing.
    3. In each village a "Tree management core group" of youngsters formed, they be associated with some Eco NGO and their only duty is to plant quality trees at all strategic areas, water them regularly and see they grow well. They also identify barren lands, develop community forests and these can be utilised by the villagers.
    4. Go to any place whether city, towns one finds lot of open spaces, so the need of the hour is to plant more, more and more trees and see they are nurtured very well, protected and they grow well. Take for example Bangalore city, we have 200 plus different areas, so each area should have one "Eco foundation formed by the people of that area, say e.g. Girinagar Eco-foundation, they will be strongly supported by a NGO and Government bodies, their duty is to visit each roads, plant trees, go to houses and request them to plant trees, because the sad thing in cities is "concretising in houses and footpaths" which is halting the seepage of rain water to ground. So even if concrete is there it should be removed in some pockets and trees to be planted. Also these bodies visit vast institutes, schools, commercial complexes, hospitals, parks, grounds, etc. which have open spaces and see there also trees are planted. For e.g. there is the big National College Grounds in Basavanagudi, a green tree laid compound can be established there by planting trees just inside the compound. So also other big college grounds etc. In Bangalore for example there is idle open space where minimum
    million trees can be planted, but the motive is not there and also the voluntary involvement and awareness. An earnest request is to see that the footpaths irrespective of whether they are small, big or in busty areas, remote areas a tree should be planted on both sides which now in Bangalore is very much absent. In Bangalore everybody knows the beauty of Lalbagh, when thousands of acres of land is freely gifted to IT parks, Industries, Flyovers, Highways etc. Ecological bodies request Government to gift 500 acres of land to set up another two Lalbaghs in North and West of Bangalore. On the above lines other towns, cities to incorporate same type of greenery programmes.
    5. A earnest request to be launched by EO's to see that massive the lawns which are not only water consuming but least beneficial to anybody to be replaced with trees, flower gardens, herbal plants, aromatic plants, Bonsai.
    6. There are many parks, water bodies, lakes etc but one finds there the less of these trees, take any lake it should be covered by a green belt of say 200 feet wide tree cover and there should be no concrete structures, because in Ulsoor lake in Bangalore city, there is mass of defence related structures which can be replaced with the greenery. Similarly the various other lakes in Bangalore has no tree fencing.
    1. Each state to be given a compulsory quota of forests/grasslands and they have to allot that much land for forests, say minimum 20% to maximum 70% of their geographical area.
    2. New rich Bio spheres identified and they be declared reserved forests with full ban of people movements inside.
    3. The Government if feasible with Global Funding organisations to undertake the building of new roads which will not pass through these dense forests, reserve parks, because in India the many accidents and killing of animals, poaching, looting of forest wealth is because of highways which go through forests.
    4. One sad thing which is ruining our many forests, reserve parks etc. is the menace of tourists and concrete structures which mushroom inside and the huge tonnage of pollution which these so called tourists dump there. Let us analyse why the hell the tourists go to these place and disturb the silent these reserves. So whatever the negative impacts please henceforth ban all tourists and also all the roads inside these reserves removed and planted with trees, so that except the Forest officials and genuine eco-related organization workers no one allowed to these forests. Bandipur, Gir, Silent Valley, Ranathambore, Corbett, Assam , U.P. etc. all the reserves henceforth closed to all. And all commercial structures existing there to cater to tourists they all be removed.
    5. Each state will establish a "Commercial Forest Forum" where the Government will allocate vast lands where trees will be grown only to cater to the so-called Tree Hungry Industries. These industries strictly abide by taking their needs from these commercial forests, including the lakhs of carpenters, carving artisan's etcAlternatively these industries can also take up their own commercial forests lands from Government.
    6. As we have crossed the Saturation State the central Government pass a law that there will be henceforth no more licences given to "Enemy of Forests Industries" like logging, matches, paper & pulp, etc.
    7. Massive coastal greenery undertaken that is compulsory 1,000 meters from the sea shore the establishment of green canopy of Mango, Palm etc. which will not only halt to some extent the Tsunami but enrich the eco-balance which is being diluted in the coastal areas. Infact the many buildings which have violated this to be demolished and planted with greenery.
    8. The Government should also pass the crucial legislation of banning the establishment of "Demonic Golf clubs, Formula 1 racing tracks, and other sinful institutions which not only destroy the greenery but also ground water"

    Other crucial activities
    1. Strict water conservation standards established the foremost being the ban of individual digging of borewells in cities or villages. Community borewells to be dug and water supplied to all. Being a Bangalorean from generations the most selfish thing which now many have acquired is the massive borewell digging and also apart from bore wells, they set up huge sumps 10' X 10' X 8' for the government supplied Cauvery water and also huge tanks on top, in many areas in Bangalore in a street all houses have borewells and even this borewells suppose they get water at say 100 feet they go upto 250 feet water because they want water even for their Great Grand Children's. Really the greatest work which any government can do is close all this individual borewells in all parts of India and instead a modern community borewell which supplies sufficient water to cater to the basic needs for all.
    2. The complete closure of all plants involved in making Mineral Water, and deadly soft drinks, which are known to exploit precious water, destroy ecology and swindle the humanity. See the funny thing the Divine Mother Cow it takes grass, with so much struggle it converts it to milk, the farmer milks it, company than puts it in covers and that milk costs Rs.13 per litre, but see this Water company, they take the ground water do some tamasha of purification and sells it Rs.15 per litre. While Diary industry is employing millions these industries only handful of some thousands. But governments are more interested in their welfare rather than the poor farmers. It is really disgusting to see that in any functions instead of keeping a glass filled with water all want this bottled water which one or two sips they take and throw it. This is National waste of highest order and hypocrisy of the highest order by the so-called elitist.

    3. The re-cycling of water undertaken on a massive scale and 75% of the existing industries which are now overusing precious water for silly purposes henceforth only to use re- cycled water. Even in cities for e.g. garages and other industries waste precious water, they have to use re-cycled water, many vehicle owners thousands of litres of water they waste in washing cars which is 100% a national waste.
    4. Any industry should have the most state of art eco policy and implement practically all the procedures, to encourage these the Government for a period of 10 years give all these industries a "Tax exemption" of say 30%, these money they can use it for the best eco parameters establishment.
    5. A serious mistake which India is making and many are blind to it is the "ugly growth of automobiles" which is ruining India. Sir why is that nobody is understanding that in Bangalore the 100 plus wide M.G. Road which never can be increased width wise each day some ten new vehicles pass through it, and in next ten years imagine what will happen to M.G. Road, why is that nobody is thinking to this "Automobile Tsunami" which will pulverise our India to pollution earthquakes. What is needed very dire steps like:
    ÔÇó No more new Automobile plants given licence to set shop in India. The existing automobile plants given quota system of some fixed numbers. Individual vehicle owners to be imposed a "environmental tax" say of minimum Rs.500 per month to say Rs.10,000 per month depending upon the number of vehicles the family has.
    ÔÇó For any individual to obtain a driving license or posses a new vehicle minimum waiting period of 18 months.
    ÔÇó ´ÇáAll establishments of minimum 100 employees should start a their own pool vehicle system for employees.
    ÔÇó ´ÇáVehicle ban by all educational institutions that is except cycles/public transport no student can come to institute in personnel vehicles.
    ÔÇó ´ÇáInnovative, more public friendly transport system and pooling of vehicles.
    ÔÇó ´Çá"Exclusive Cycle tracks" of say 10 feet wide created and cycles encouraged.
    ÔÇó ´ÇáSpecialised route auto created that is only point to point with multiple passengers. Like say in Bangalore say from Girinagar to Majestic 50 autos the licence to operate say from morning till night, they can take maximum three passengers and per passenger Rs.15.
    6. Unhealthy infrastructure projects to be scrapped because of the massive destructive effects on all humanity. Like for e.g. there is already a Bangalore-Mysore road which now is being upgraded to a Four lane, there is also the doubling of the railway track, but in spite of this there is a plan for an expressway which will consume precious irrigated lands, semi-forests etc. of 20,000 acres. On one hand our population is raising by minimum one Australia every year, if we go on converting precious agro lands to development where will you find land to grow crops. In Bangalore the worst destruction is done to agro lands by the Bangalore Development Authority one Sir MV Viswewaraya layout they destroyed 10,000 acres of agro lands, now another Arkavathy layout they will destroy 20,000 acres added to this misery when a good airport is alerady there and which by little investment can sustain Bangalore an aditional airport is planned at Devanhalli which will destroy some 10,000 cares of agro lands, what will happen to all these farmers these farmers used to grow vegetables, fruits, rice, ragi, etcand feed us where the hell we will get these crops now. So a National Level Eco Panel of high environmentally friendly experts should assess projects and only when they tell yes they can be implemented. What is the proof that BDA will say in next three years consume some 30,000 acres to open one more their fancy layout. Or some foolish construction firm will come and tell we will establish a ten lane expressway between Bangalore and Mysore. The BDA is also known for the crazy sites they allot of 50 feet by 80 feet 60 feet X 90 feet which consume more land and caters only to the rich. Instead one can go for community flats on the lines of Singapore that is one bedroom to 5 bedroom flats.
    7. Environment, Ecology, Sustainable Rural Development etc. is compulsory subject in all Management subjects, Engineering and even in medical courses. No one educational filed should go without studying some aspects of theoretical and practical environment.
    8. Recycling done more intensively to see that most of the waste is fully recycled to useful products and the least non-biodegradable burnt. Like in cities for example each house/industry to be given three cartoons, in one "For Recycling" they will put papers, covers, milk cans, soap covers, Cartridges, Refills, cartoons, oil cans, shampoo bottles, etc. etc", "For Bio-Fertilisers" they will put food waste, vegetable waste, fruit skins, etc. In the last "For Burning" they will put "out dated medicines, syringes, old audio tapes etc. In fact all organisations strictly use 50% paper from recycled and remaining 50% fresh papers.
    9. All commercial establishments, Flats, Institutions etc should have Solar Water heaters and Solar Lighting.
    10. The eco-disaster prawn cultivation to be stopped, also fishing to be done only in traditional way and more co-operative fisherman society formed and in a phased manner International Fishing Companies known for their Disaster Fishing methods gradually thrown out of Indian waters.
    11. It is known fact that "Non Vegetarianism" is a torture and killer of ecology. The following ethical steps can reduce this like:
    ÔÇó Artificial breeding plants to be phased out, because artificially you breed animals, birds, force feed them with precious agro products and later kill them, instead from the farms let the agro products go directly to humanity.
    ÔÇó ´ÇáCo-operative Butcheries to be established where in a healthy way some animal's birds will be killed and only in these shops their products sold. So each area in a city in an isolated interior area a set of these shops will sell these products that is through ration.
    ÔÇó ´ÇáSelect religious towns, places the ban of sale of non veg like Thirumala-Thirupathi, Dwaraka, Udupi, Kasi, Mathura , Pandharapur, etc. That is in these places those who want to have Non_Veg to go outside the town/city and their he will find it and he can never bring too city and cook it.
    ÔÇó ´ÇáEducational institution hostels to stop serving Non_veg food.
    ÔÇó A ban on the cruel slaughter of animals in all religious places which is done to please GOD, no GOD wants this cruel offerings it is the cruel mindset and spineless law which allows this inhumanity to breed in this land of the Compassionate Saints, Sages and Mahatmas.
    12. A National Committee formed which will identify what all goods is needed for the most rich and poor and only those goods manufactured and also phase out those manufacturers who are indulging in excessive use of resources and whose products are not so much critically important and others already manufacturing.
    13. The Indian government to ban the ugly imports of all kinds of old cars, old goods, chemical wastes, etc. from other countries for some cheap dollars and thus pollution of land, water and air.
    14. CNG Buses compulsory for all city transport and life span fixed for vehicles and be phased out after 10 or 15 years.
    15. MNCs and other various companies instead of wasting precious money of glossy advertising take up the "environmental advertising" that is use the money for some strong eco-project and you will gain more customers and public love.
    16. On a humanitarian grounds more welfare for the animals, birds and other form of living beings and a ban on use of animal drawn vehicles in buy cities and for carrying heavy loads.
    17. The Supreme Court in one of its friendliest judgments has asked the closure of Kudremukh Iron Ores, which is really a noble gesture on humanity. The pro-miners lobby of Kudemukh, Hospet, Bellary and other areas say they earn huge money from exports, but their argument is baseless, because an IT firm operating in some 10,000 Sq Ft earns more exports than a Kudremukh which destroys precious forests, pollutes river and also they export precious raw material at low costs and import at 100 times higher cost finished products. But here one has to note the selfish consumptions and materialistic passions has increased because of crazy life styles of IT people. Also it is nonsense they give so much employment because in India agriculture is the main source of employment and by investing in agriculture we can improve the life of more unemployed rather than this disaster mining which ruins life of all.
    18. A blanket ban on sale of A to Z all animal based show items which are made by slaughtering precious and almost extinct wild animals. Anybody possessing these items or involved in sales punished with compulsory 5 years imprisonment and also hefty fines, also to auction their houses/property. Because until there is toughness in enacting these laws a day will come when we will be another desert state all animals just we have to watch in pictures.
    19. Establishment of "Total Environmental Management" certification which will be given to those organisations which fully implement eco standards and the companies with this certificate will be given a tax holiday say of some 20% for ten years.

    Hope with all this and much more crucial aspects there is urgency for fighting and saving the environment. The services of core ecologists, grassroots environmentalists like Sallu Marada Thimmakka utilized fully as they act as catalyst for speedier thrust of this eco-development at all levels.

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