An oasis put to test

An oasis put to test

Backed by three decades of water conservation measures, semi-arid Saurashtra is driving Gujarat’s agricultural growth. Will it be able to sustain it?

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  • "Drought of equity" brings

    "Drought of equity" brings out drought situation in Maharashtra in a comprehensive manner. It covers almost all aspects. It indicates the urgent need of an in- depth analysis of Maharashtra's water sector. Times have changed. But policies, laws & attitudes remain much the same. It is hoped that DTE will further pursue the matter.I am really worried about the drought situation in May 2013.Climax is yet to come.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 6 years ago | Reply
  • A very good article. Has

    A very good article. Has exposed many of the key issues behind the drought in Maharashtra. The title is very good, highlight the major reason. As mentioned by the article, the irony is that Maharashtra is the state with maximum number of large dams in the count. This shows that such projects are not the solutions to meet the needs of water.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 6 years ago | Reply
  • Arid countries such as Israel

    Arid countries such as Israel are able to maintain high quality agricultural exports through simple measures such as drip irrigation. Other measures such as re-forestation, effective rain water harvesting, soil conservation, and minimizing contamination of existing water supplies will go a long way in ensuring adequate water for our growing population.

    Remember that thermal (coal) and nuclear power plants require huge amounts of water compared to wind and solar. Increasing solar installations - as is being done in Gujarat - will reduce our appetite for water hungry energy sources.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 6 years ago | Reply
  • Very good article, thank you

    Very good article, thank you for this. The drought will continue as summer begins, making water access even more difficult.

    One area of interest is the role of soft drink and packaged drinking water companies in these areas. Atul Singh, who is mentioned in the article, is not just the FICCI Water Mission man, he is also the CEO of Coca-Cola India. And it must be mentioned that Coca-Cola is the largest purchaser if sugar in India.

    There were calls to stop water usage by such companies in the Maharashtra legislature in January but they enjoy tremendous influence because they are very much tied to the sugar producers and also because they are American companies.

    Their water use should be stopped or severely restricted in order to ease the water scarcity in Marathawada. Water for people, farms and animals first, everything else must come after. I doubt Atul Singh would agree with that though.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 6 years ago | Reply
  • Integrated Watershed

    Integrated Watershed Development is the only solution. It is adapted by the Governmental Agencies, but there are two problems along.

    One, it is well known as it is chronicle . . . corruption ! Till date the money used to improve the water resources is countless. If someone gives me only 50% of what it is utilized till date in Maharashtra; i shall solve the water problem of whole India ! Forever ! Sustainably !!!

    Second, Scientific approach is not adapted while treating the watersheds. Geology is the most neglected field while the development of watershed. As a result, the storage reservoirs acts as percolation tanks, and, the funds utilised for percolation tanks appears to be not percolating down ! ;-)))))) . . . more than 40% is evaporated in corruption % rest goes off by surface evaporation !

    This year (2013-14) Ujani dam is full to 111% . . . its really fun to see that in the name of Vitthal of Pandharpur, how the water turns up in to juicy sugarcane ! True warkari remains as juice sucked bugass !

    There was generous campaign launched by the Akaluj lead. To harvest the opportunity of emptied/dry Ujani reservoir. Idea of removing silt from the reservoir was really EXCELLENT. It was lets say life time opportunity to increase the storage capacity of dam. The implementation of idea would have generated crores of revenue through selling the silt . . . but the problem of identity crisis killed it ! Adapted the idea, the credit would have gone to the particular person or political party who had suggested it! This is good example of an 'solution to the problem being politically victimised' . . . the solution is sunk at the bottom of highly polluted DEAD reservoir. . . . sometimes the politics puts people in really an awkward situation ! That means we have to WAIT for another DROUGHT (which nobody in fact) . . . to remove the silt.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 5 years ago | Reply
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