Science meets fiction

Down To Earth invites sci-fi buffs and writers to take its readers on a guided tour of the world of science fiction that throws a mirror to the present, tantalises with possibilities of utopias and entertains with robots and descriptions of space travel

Last Updated: Sunday 07 June 2015

Science meets fiction

T V Venkateswaran is a scientist with Vigyan Prasar, New Delhi
Recent sci-fi questions conformism, creeping bureaucracy and commodification, but fails to offer alternatives to global commodification
Arvind Mishra is co-author of Science Fiction in India and Harish Goyal writes science fiction in Hindi
Jules Verne's Voyages Extraordinaires inspired early science fiction writers in Hindi
Debjani Sengupta teaches literatures in English at Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi.
Industrialisation, modernity and science fiction in Bengal
Vinayak Razdan works with a start-up as a social games developer/designer
Isaac Asimov relied on the past to create visions of information system
Aniruddha Sengupta is a writer constantly struggling with all manners of temptation presented by his chosen home, Goa
Meet Kurt Vonnegut and his uninvited alter ego
Yohan J John is post-doctoral research associate at Boston University’s Neural System Lab
Into the wellspring of sci-fi
Dilip Raote is a journalist and sci-fi buff
Challenging the sceptics
Anil Menon is a science fiction writer
Desi sci-fi lost and found

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  • The Judeo Christian attitude

    The Judeo Christian attitude that is is 'Mans' role to have domion over Nature is what has done us in grieviously. The misplaced belief that 'Man' is cleverer than Nature so needs to correct and improve her performance is responsible for three serious mistakes 1. The use of fossil fuel 2. The use of chemical fertiliser for growing food crops 3. The creation of Allopathy. The toxicity created has spoiled the mind of 'Man' and humanity has only spiraled downwards towards itLs doom. Nature's 'REGULATOR' gene has kicked in to bring healing to a wayward humanity.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 9 years ago | Reply
  • The Biblical view of human

    The Biblical view of human beings is that they are not onwners,but stewards of the resources that God has given. God is the owner as it is mentioned 'The earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof.'(Psalms 24:1).It is therefore incumbent upon human beings to be responsible for the natural resources that God has given.The abuse of nature is because of the sinful nature that human beings have inherited as well as not reading and interpreting the Scripture in its context making a mockery of the beautiful world that God has given us.The materialism that has crept in has made the response of human beings to conservation of nature and natural resources exploitative and destructive.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 9 years ago | Reply
  • Where has all this science

    Where has all this science literature lost? Need more information on this. Now, Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh laments that India is lagging behind China in Science. Do we need to look further for the reason?

    Posted by: Anonymous | 9 years ago | Reply
  • This is deeply disingenuous

    This is deeply disingenuous and aimed merely at shoring up a Post Colonial theory version of Political Correctness which, in essence, is a new version of 'Subaltern Black females invented Rocket Science coz one of them wrote a story in some language I don't know which, according to some White person, actually meant like she knew from Von Braun.'
    Menon is bright, a master of the English language, his specialism should be yielding great Sci Fi- not in the Indglish ghetto but for Hollywood.
    He can still do it. Yet, out of misplaced patriotism, he is polluting Ind's more culturally restricted band-with with this shite.

    Posted by: Anonymous | 9 years ago | Reply
  • Ó«ÜÓ«┐Ó«¿Ó»ìÓ«ñÓ«┐Ó«òÓ»ìÓ«ò Ó«ÁÃ

    Ó«ÜÓ«┐Ó«¿Ó»ìÓ«ñÓ«┐Ó«òÓ»ìÓ«ò Ó«ÁÓ»êÓ«òÓ»ìÓ«òÓ»üÓ««Ó»ì Ó«ÜÓ«┐Ó«▒Ó«¬Ó»ìÓ«¬Ó«¥Ó«® Ó«òÓ«ƒÓ»ìÓ«ƒÓ»üÓ«░Ó»ê.

    Ó«¬Ó»èÓ«ñÓ»üÓ«ÁÓ«¥Ó«òÓ«ñÓ»ì Ó«ñÓ««Ó«┐Ó«┤Ó«┐Ó«▓Ó»ì Ó«ÁÓ«¿Ó»ìÓ«ñÓ»üÓ«│Ó»ìÓ«│ Ó«àÓ«▒Ó«┐Ó«ÁÓ«┐Ó«»Ó«▓Ó»ì Ó«òÓ«ñÓ»êÓ«òÓ«│Ó»ì Ó«¬Ó«▓Ó«ÁÓ»üÓ««Ó»ì, Ó«àÓ«▒Ó«┐Ó«ÁÓ«┐Ó«»Ó«▓Ó«┐Ó«®Ó»ì Ó««Ó»ÇÓ«ñÓ»üÓ««Ó»ì. Ó«àÓ«▒Ó«┐Ó«ÁÓ«┐Ó«»Ó«▓Ó»ì Ó«òÓ«úÓ»ìÓ«úÓ»ïÓ«ƒÓ»ìÓ«ƒÓ«ñÓ»ìÓ«ñÓ»üÓ«ƒÓ«®Ó«¥Ó«® Ó«ÜÓ»ïÓ«ÜÓ«▓Ó«┐Ó«ÜÓ«òÓ»ì Ó«òÓ»ïÓ«ƒÓ»ìÓ«¬Ó«¥Ó«ƒÓ»ìÓ«ƒÓ«┐Ó«®Ó»ì Ó««Ó»ÇÓ«ñÓ»üÓ««Ó»ì Ó«àÓ«ÁÓ«¿Ó««Ó»ìÓ«¬Ó«┐Ó«òÓ»ìÓ«òÓ»êÓ«»Ó»ê Ó«ÁÓ«┐Ó«ñÓ»êÓ«òÓ»ìÓ«ò Ó««Ó»üÓ«»Ó«®Ó»ìÓ«▒Ó«┐Ó«░Ó»üÓ«òÓ»ìÓ«òÓ«┐Ó«®Ó»ìÓ«▒Ó«®. Ó«àÓ«ñÓ»ç Ó«¬Ó»ïÓ«▓Ó»ì Ó«àÓ«▒Ó«┐Ó«ÁÓ«┐Ó«»Ó«▓Ó»ì Ó«òÓ«ñÓ»êÓ«òÓ«│Ó»ì Ó«ÄÓ«®Ó»ìÓ«▒Ó«¥Ó«▓Ó»ì Ó«ñÓ»èÓ«┤Ó«┐Ó«▓Ó»ìÓ«¿Ó»üÓ«ƒÓ»ìÓ«¬Ó«ÖÓ»ìÓ«òÓ«│Ó»êÓ«òÓ»ì Ó«òÓ«ñÓ»ê Ó«ÁÓ«ƒÓ«┐Ó«ÁÓ«┐Ó«▓Ó»ì Ó«ÁÓ«┐Ó«│Ó«òÓ»ìÓ«òÓ»üÓ«òÓ«┐Ó«▒ Ó«òÓ«ñÓ»êÓ«òÓ«│Ó«¥Ó«òÓ«ÁÓ»ç Ó«¬Ó»üÓ«░Ó«┐Ó«¿Ó»ìÓ«ñÓ»üÓ«òÓ»èÓ«│Ó»ìÓ«│Ó«¬Ó»ìÓ«¬Ó«ƒÓ»üÓ«òÓ«┐Ó«®Ó»ìÓ«▒Ó«®, Ó«àÓ«ÁÓ»ìÓ«ÁÓ«¥Ó«▒Ó»ç Ó«ÄÓ«┤Ó»üÓ«ñÓ«¬Ó»ìÓ«¬Ó«ƒÓ»üÓ«òÓ«┐Ó«®Ó»ìÓ«▒Ó«®.

    Ó«ÁÓ«¥Ó«┤Ó»ìÓ«òÓ»ìÓ«òÓ»êÓ«»Ó»ê, Ó«ÜÓ««Ó»éÓ«ò Ó«ëÓ«▒Ó«ÁÓ»üÓ«òÓ«│Ó»ê, Ó«¬Ó«┐Ó«░Ó«ÜÓ»ìÓ«ÜÓ«®Ó»êÓ«òÓ«│Ó»ê, Ó«àÓ«░Ó«ÜÓ«┐Ó«»Ó«▓Ó»ê, Ó«ÜÓ««Ó»üÓ«ñÓ«¥Ó«»Ó«ñÓ»ìÓ«ñÓ»ê Ó«àÓ«▒Ó«┐Ó«ÁÓ«┐Ó«»Ó«▓Ó»ìÓ«¬Ó»éÓ«░Ó»ìÓ«ÁÓ««Ó«¥Ó«òÓ«¬Ó»ì Ó«¬Ó»üÓ«░Ó«┐Ó«¿Ó»ìÓ«ñÓ»üÓ«òÓ»èÓ«│Ó»ìÓ«│ Ó«ëÓ«ñÓ«ÁÓ»üÓ«ÁÓ«ñÓ»ç Ó«ÜÓ«░Ó«┐Ó«»Ó«¥Ó«® Ó«àÓ«▒Ó«┐Ó«»Ó«¥Ó«® Ó«àÓ«▒Ó«┐Ó«ÁÓ«┐Ó«»Ó«▓Ó»ì Ó«òÓ«ñÓ»êÓ«»Ó«¥Ó«ò Ó«çÓ«░Ó»üÓ«òÓ»ìÓ«ò Ó««Ó»üÓ«ƒÓ«┐Ó«»Ó»üÓ««Ó»ì Ó«ÄÓ«®Ó»ìÓ«¬Ó«ñÓ»ü Ó«ÄÓ«®Ó»ì Ó«òÓ«░Ó»üÓ«ñÓ»ìÓ«ñÓ»ü.


    -Ó«à. Ó«òÓ»üÓ««Ó«░Ó»çÓ«ÜÓ«®Ó»ì

    Posted by: Anonymous | 9 years ago | Reply
  • I beg to differ with Mr.

    I beg to differ with Mr. Shenai in his assertion that Judaism practices dominance over nature.. The state Of Israel has turned a virtual desert into lush and productive lands. We plant trees more than any other nation. We are commited to the Earth, and renew it when ever possible..

    Posted by: Anonymous | 8 years ago | Reply