Trouble in Tripura

Trouble in Tripura

Restrictions on jhum cultivation, large-scale immigration and timber smuggling have made Tripura an environmentally poor state

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  • The problem(s) with well off hill economies is that governments like in the rest of India, are still 'hung up' on agriculture. Actually, in the hills agriculture has perpetuated poverty, simply because it is un-viable and quite nonsensical. Yet because of our "farmer' hang up, we have spent all out money to prop up something that had nor has any future. What has worked in the hills is off-farm income and enterprises (cash crops to some extent). And because there are no off farm things to do in Uttarakhand, all the useful and able bodied Uttarakhandis are outside the state making good money. But for that to happen we need useful education and that is something the hill state, much like the rest of the country, have miserably failed at. It appears that agriculture in the hills has no future. Horticulture and allied things may have. But jobs and money have to be in the tourism and service industries. For that we need education and skills. Which unfortunately is not happening. Vinay Tandon:

    Posted by: VINAY | 2 years ago | Reply
  • This makes me sad. The hills, and the beauty of village life, are the very soul of Uttarakhand. Yes, cooperatives, imparting of skills, better health and education... but most important, protecting the water sources with mini-dams for infiltration... villages can be revived, too! Rural colleges could inspire some of the educated youths to start their own enterprises, improve plantation skills, innovate...... and reduce the deadly habits of men's drinking and proverbial lazyness (not like in neighbour State of Himachal), and a hopelessness created by families with too many children. As long as men sit and drink while women do most of the work - and the children are too many to help them grow up with hope and strength, and a love of the hills... these beautiful lands of plenty will turn into smaller and smaller holdings... abandoning whole villages is so terribly sad! People originally knew how to protect their water... why havve they forgotten it?

    Posted by: Florence Rastogi | 2 years ago | Reply
  • I am going to bandul in search of opportunities for the revival will need your support !

    Posted by: Ankit Sharma | 2 years ago | Reply
  • No doubt one by one villages are dying.You have so beautifully presented the scenario.And moreover government is putting its efforts to bring life to these villages but this revolution of rehabilitating villages is not possible without youth of that place. Only bottom up approach can stop this migration.There is great need to motivate youth and women at grassroots.

    Posted by: Babita Adhikari | 2 years ago | Reply
    • Hello BABITA ADHIKARI,can you give me a ring on my abovementioned mail address?i am a student,working on migration issues these days..need some help of some local people...please help.if possible

      Posted by: Amit Tiwari | one year ago | Reply
  • Natural, but today Delhi NCR (think Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida) has an entire generation of auto, IT, Pharma, real-estate types often from migrant and entrepreneurial ethnic Punjabis who may be encouraged to invest and co-locate to Uttarakhand for the hot and polluted summers of the plains.

    Schemes like Solar Parks to re-use migration led lands going barren, hospitality and old age services tied to the historic spiritual services and more tourism while ayurvedic and natural farming are already on the agenda; and then spreading that out to Bom ... Mumbai, Calcutta and then the rest of India to solicit and recruit from the upper-middle and professional class of India .

    University and school linkages, programs like start-up initiatives may encourage and help rehabilitate Uttarakhand.

    Posted by: Pavan Joshi | 6 months ago | Reply
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