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Book Digest: History of US presidential elections, India’s fight against COVID-19 and more

Internal disaplacements fuelled by climate change to economic analysis of rural middle class, DTE tracks new books on environment and development from leading authors  

By DTE Staff
Published: Saturday 07 November 2020

Climate Change, Disasters, and Internal Displacement in Asia and the Pacific: A Human Rights-Based Approach | Matthew Scott, Albert Salamanca | Routledge | November 16, 2020

This book examines how states in eight countries across Asia and the Pacific address internal displacement in the context of disasters and climate change.

The specific cases in the book also reflect critically on the term ‘displacement’ and the wider normative framework within which this phenomenon is conceptualised and addressed.

Coalitions in the Climate Change Negotiations | Carola Klöck, Paula Castro, Florian Weiler, Lau Øfjord Blaxekjær | Routledge |23 November, 2020

This edited volume provides both a broad overview of cooperation patterns in the UNFCCC climate change negotiations and an in-depth analysis of specific coalitions and their relations.

Land Acquisition and Resource Development in Contemporary India | Shashi Ratnaker Singh | Cambridge University Press | November 30, 2020

This book derives from research and fieldwork in the rural and tribal hinterland of India, particularly in the mineral rich states. It looks at the nuances of land and resource politics and summarizes the long-standing land acquisition and mining debate.

It discusses the relevant theoretical arguments from inter-disciplinary perspectives and develops an argument through the case study of Singrauli, a region in Madhya Pradesh in India that has seen various 'regimes of dispossession' in the last six decades in India.

Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: Envisioning a Better World by Transforming the Future of Healthcare | Amb Pradeep K Kapur, Joseph M Chalil | The UNN Corporation | October 16, 2020

This book makes a comprehensive study of all aspects that have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic while proposing practical ways to deal with those challenges.

Till We Win: India’s Fight Against The Covid-19 Pandemic | Chandrakant Lahariya, Gagandeep Kang, Randeep Guleria | Penguin | November 23, 2020

Offering insights on how India continues to fight the pandemic, it is a book for the people, for political leaders, policymakers and physicians, with the promise and potential to transform public health in India.

Crisis and Predation: India, COVID-19, and Global | The Research Unit for Political Economy | Monthly Review Press | November 15, 2020

Crisis and Predation shows how this tight-fistedness stems from the fact that global financial interests oppose any sizable expansion of public spending by India, and that Indian rulers readily adhere to their guidance.

And yet, this book contends, India could defy the pressures of global finance in order to address the basic needs of its people.

JP to BJP: Bihar after Lalu and Nitish | Santosh Singh| SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd | December 1, 2020

This book looks closely at the process of saffronisation that has taken place in landscape, more marked than any other by milestones of political shifts and movements.

That Tuesday in November: How Presidential Elections Changed History | Mike Henry | Rowman & Littlefield | November 1, 2020

Like many aspects of the nation’s history, its elections have had their share of behind the scenes activity and drama.

This work is an examination of each of the presidential contests and some of the unusual events surrounding them such as the back room convention deals, compromised candidates, campaign strategies, both successful and failures; and major effects on the outcomes due to such inventions as television.

In some cases, a swing of just a few votes to another candidate could have had a profound effect on America’s future.

The Economics of Venture Capital Firm Operations in India | Kshitija Joshi | Cambridge University Press | October 29, 2020

This book studies diverse categories of venture capital (VC) firms in India based on their ownership type (domestic vs foreign), stage of investment (early vs growth stage) and VC investment team composition (entrepreneurial experience vs investing experience).

Contested Capital: Rural Middle Classes in India | Maryam Aslany | Cambridge University Press | November 30, 2020

In India, the ‘middle class’ has become one of the key categories of economic analysis and developmental forecasting. The discussion suffers from one major oversight: It assumes that the middle class resides uniquely in the cities.

The book, however, demonstrates more than a third of India’s middle class is rural, and that 17 per cent of rural households belong to the middle class.

The book brings this vast and dynamic population into view, so confronting some of the most crucial neglected questions of the contemporary global economy.

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