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Book Digest: Tracking COVID-19 damage to international politics, Indian economy reforms and more

From stories of climate crisis to illegal wildlife trade in China, DTE tracks new, contemporary books on environment and development from leading authors

By DTE Staff
Published: Friday 04 September 2020
Book Digest: Tracking COVID-19 damage to international politics, Indian economy reforms and more

False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet | Bjorn Lomborg | Basic Books | August 13, 2020

Measured and data-driven, the book will convince you that almost everything you think about climate change is wrong. It points the way towards making the world a vastly better, if slightly warmer, world for all.

Urban Headway and Upward Mobility in India | Arup Mitra | Cambridge University Press | September 30, 2020

Urbanisation in the literature of development economics is expected to bring in a spectrum of social and economic transformations. With this framework in mind, this book focuses on various aspects of urbanisation in India and its impact on socio-economic variables.

The study has been conducted at various levels of disaggregation such as state, district and city and the data is sourced from population census, National Sample Survey Organisation’s surveys on employment-unemployment schemes and results and consumption expenditure, and primary surveys on slum households conducted by the author.

COVID 19 & Its Impact: A Brief Review | Dulal Bhattacharya | Exceller Books | August 29, 2020

The book is a brief review of the damage caused by the ongoing novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic all over the world, including India, and how much it will impact the global scenario in terms of economy, politics and various other spheres.

The book takes a deeper dive into the political and scientific approach of China regarding the outbreak of this viral disease and questions the role of the powerful and scientifically advanced countries to curb the pandemic.

COVID-19 and World Order: The Future of Conflict, Competition, and Cooperation | Hal Brands, Francis J Gavin | Johns Hopkins University Press | September 8, 2020

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has killed hundreds of thousands of people and infected millions while also devastating the world economy. The consequences of the pandemic, however, go much further: They threaten the fabric of national and international politics around the world.

Numbers in India's Periphery: The Political Economy of Government Statistics | Ankush Agrawal, Vikas Kumar |Cambridge University Press | September 30, 2020

This book analyses the quality of statistics such as geographic area, census population and sample survey statistics in a developing country. Using field interviews, archival sources, and secondary data covering the last seven decades, it explores the shifting relations between various kinds of statistics over their lifecycles and charts their cradle-to-grave political career.

It uncovers a mutually constitutive relationship between data, development, and democracy and offers an exciting account of how government statistics are social artefacts dynamically shaped by political and economic factors.

Reform and the Structure of the Indian Economy: Output-Value Added Symbiosis | Madhusudan Datta | Cambridge University Press | September 30, 2020

This book studies pitfalls in value added accounting of sectoral growth in real terms in the context of liberalisation of the Indian economy. Growth of sectoral gross value added can systematically deviate from that of final expenditure (and gross output), even maintaining the broad national accounting identity between the aggregates.

How to Create Smart Villages: Open Innovation Solutions for Emerging Markets | Solomon Darwin, Werner Fischer, Henry Chesbrough | Peaceful Evolution Publishing |August 29, 2020

How to create smart villages shows how large corporations and startups can take upon the responsibility in solving villagers’ needs while tapping into exciting growth markets.

To get valuable results from innovation, businesses, governments, academics, and civil society must be reconciled while opening up their relevant resources, knowledge, and expertise.

The Illegal Wildlife Trade in China: Understanding The Distribution Networks |Rebecca WY Wong | Palgrave Macmillan | August 14, 2020

This book offers a theoretically-based study on crimes against protected wildlife in mainland China with first-hand empirical data collected over five years. It provides an overall examination of crimes against protected and endangered wildlife and an extensive account of the situation in China, where a significant portion of the illegal wildlife trade is currently happening.


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