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Book Digest: Tracking Trump’s history on climate change, global refugee crisis and more

Futuristic society after COVID-19 to post-pandemic economy, DTE tracks new, contemporary books on environment and development from leading authors

By DTE Staff
Published: Friday 18 September 2020

Trump And Pence: Creating Climate Change Chaos |Gail Teschmacher McCormick | September 14, 2020

The books says it like it is: If Donald Trump is re-elected with his Republican followers, there’s virtually no chance we’ll be able to prevent a climate catastrophe. This book details his administration’s history of blocking and reversing actions to mitigate climate change, including his devastating destruction of environmental regulations and intense promotion of the fossil fuel industry.

Preparing for Climate Change |Michael D Mastrandrea, Stephen H Schneider, Deborah Chasman |MIT Press | October 8, 2020

The authors argue for the need to start adapting to climate change, and that the efforts should focus primarily on identifying the places and people most at risk. Anticipatory action — from developing drought-resistant crops to building sea walls — must be taken.

The authors roundly reject the idea that reactive, unplanned adaptation will solve our problems — that species will migrate northward as climates warm, and farmers will shift to new crops and more hospitable locations.

Pollution, our worst and toughest enemy: A fight we all must engage now and win! | Giuseppe Versace |Versace Giuseppe | September 15, 2020

Air pollution alone has been claiming 20 times more victims than the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are at a decisive turning point in our existence. If we willfully neglect, for socio-economic and financial reasons, to quickly tackle the ambient air pollution, it is certain that will jeopardise our health and our futures.

We must, therefore, do whatever we can, to make ourselves heard, so that we choose the path of reason, that of cleaning up the ambient air.

Futuristic Society After COVID-19 in India and Abroad: Challenges and Possibilities | Hitesh Goyal | Notion Press | August 28, 2020

This book is an outstanding work that underlines the plight of the victims of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. The book is well researched and addressed the need for focusing our attention to the need of re-planed the social structure of our society to overcome the such crisis of COVID-19 pandemics.

It is a compilation of research articles from dynamic field of researchers or authors such as social sciences, law, political sciences, economics and criminology, etc.

COVID-19 Global Pandemic And Aspects of Human Security in South Asia: Implications and Way Forward | Delwar Hossain, Shariful Islam |Pentagon Press | August 30, 2020

The book covers major human security areas — health security, food security, economic security, and environment issue. The role of regional cooperation and global health governance is also covered in the domain of COVID-19.

This book fills the existing knowledge gap on the human security in South Asia in general and linking with COVID-19 in particular.

From the perspective of policy, the insights of the study would guide the policy makers in South Asia in reframing their security policies emphasising human security issues and challenges.

Human Flow: Stories from the Global Refugee Crisis | Weiwei Ai, Boris Cheshirkov, Ryan Heath, Chin-chin Yap | Princeton University Press | November 10, 2020

This book presents first-person accounts of the lives of those affected by the refugee crisis and those on the front lines of working to address its immense challenges.

Speaking in their own words, refugees give voice to their experiences of migrating across borders, living in camps, and struggling to rebuild their lives in unfamiliar and uncertain surroundings.

Africa: The First Economic Power: Rising Sooner Than Expected | Chris Ndayi | September 14, 2020

Africa is rising and is ready to fulfil its divine destiny. The book traces the path needed to regain Africa’s prosperity, and shares how leaders, under the African Union should steer a common market economy to become a global economic powerhouse within the next three decades.

This practical blueprint highlights the two projects needed to reposition Africa as a dominant force, allowing it to ultimately overtake China in terms of gross domestic product.

COVID-19 and the Indian Economy: Impact and Response | Niranjan Sahoo | New Century Publication | August 30, 2020

India may be able to mitigate the adverse effects of COVID-induced slowdown. The book makes a case for a silver lining that may help the country to bounce back sooner than imagined. 

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