Please include us in your revolution

Published: Sunday 30 November 2008

Barack Obama's onward journey depends on the whole world to participate in a new politics

WHILE Barack Obama was creating history on the night of November 5, there was a sense that the whole world was electing their president. It is understandable as us domestic wishes determine its foreign policy and that affects the whole world. Even its dark domestic economy triggers a domino effect throughout the world. It was interesting to watch certain television 'experts' on diplomacy and security lamenting Obama's ascend to power as they thought Bush junior was a great president for India. These learned experts from the old world failed to note the change that was demanded by the us voters. They failed to see that Bush was taking his country to hell, and wanted a few 'friends' to go there with him.

It is our national hobby to bask in reflected glory. So, some other experts were quick to draw our attention that ours was also a large democracy, and hence should rejoice.

Barack Obama's acceptance speech at Chicago's Grant Park had a few clues to the new politics that got endorsed by the us voters. The new politics demanded that various polarized groups divided on physical, psychological, intellectual or habitual attributes get together. Obama is not a mere African American revolutionary, he tried to bring back the essence of democracy. On that count, we Indians have a long way to go before we rejoice Obama's victory. A cursory look at news tells us that we are still settling scores with our opponents by murdering, vandalizing and even spitting on their faces. We are still at a medieval level. Our politicians have shown ultimate acumen in divisive politics.

Referring to the perceived political polarization he said, "Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been just a collection of individuals or a collection of red states and blue states. We are, and always will be, the United States of America." We want the new us leader to extend this idea to its logical end. The same idea needs to be applied to the whole world. Last time around, the idea of a strong and wealthy us led the whole world to violence, insecurity and economic polarization.

It is now amply clear that the global economic crisis has its roots in the way we conduct ourselves, disregarding all unwritten natural limits. The ecological crisis is integrated with the economics of greed. We sincerely hope Mr Obama will create a consensus among his backers that the world needs to grow together and share the limited atmosphere, water, forests and minerals in a just manner. That will be a revolution.

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