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Sunita Narain
Editor, Down To Earth
The planet doesn't have a price tag, but...

Dear Friend,

Down To Earth is a readers-supported product of passion and commitment.
That is why it has been able to evade any commercial lures, and has emerged as an impeccable leader in journalism that talks of people - you - and the planet.
To say it simply, we put people before profit. And this makes your role more important to the planet, and the magazine. We cannot continue doing this without your support.
Your subscription pays for the operations of the magazine, sustaining cutting edge reportage and delivering it to you packaged with insights of incredible journalists working across the world.
We believe, without this rigorous and independent information, we cannot be prepared to make the change so desperately needed to keep our world secure and safe.
You know it very well - the planet doesn't have a price tag. But, by subscribing to the magazine (now published both in English and Hindi), you pay a small contribution to reiterate this.
Please believe me when I say, we need you.