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How shifts in the rivers are threatening food security in Assam | Alarming Variations Ep-02

Through firsthand accounts and expert insights, DTE uncovers the profound impact of climate change on the delicate balance of life along the Jiadhal river in Dhemaji

By DTE Staff
Published: Monday 15 April 2024

In the serene landscapes of Dhemaji district, Assam, the Jiadhal river has been a lifeline for generations, sustaining communities and nurturing livelihoods.

However, the tranquil flow of this vital waterway is now being disrupted by the harsh realities of climate change. Excessive rainfall, a hallmark of our changing climate, has triggered unprecedented shifts in the course of the Jiadhal river.

The once-predictable path of this river has become erratic, carving new channels and abandoning old ones, leaving local residents grappling with uncertainty and upheaval.

As the river meanders its way through the heart of Dhemaji, it brings with it the destructive force of soil erosion. Fertile lands, once the backbone of agriculture in the region, are now being mercilessly washed away, robbing farmers of their means of sustenance and threatening food security.

In this compelling documentary, Down To Earth (DTE) delves into the stories of the resilient people of Dhemaji, who are facing the brunt of these environmental challenges head-on.

Through firsthand accounts and expert insights, DTE uncovers the profound impact of climate change on the delicate balance of life along the Jiadhal river and explores the urgent need for sustainable solutions to safeguard both livelihoods and ecosystems.

Join DTE as it bears witness to the unfolding crisis in Dhemaji and amplify the voices of those fighting to preserve their way of life amidst turbulent times.

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