The road to the great regression

In the 21st century, counter reactions to globalisation have been taking radically different forms


How not to save WTO

The WTO mini-ministerial held in March in New Delhi showed a poverty of ideas on how to protect the multilateral trade bloc from US assaults


Possessed by land

Landholding can affect marital prospects. It can also affect sex ratios and lead to polyandry. A village in Alwar provides a snapshot

Will the boom last?

Fifteen years after it rose and went limp, the biotech sector, globally, as well as in India has seen a bull run of sorts. In January this year, some 10 healthcare companies went public on the NASDAQ. Meanwhile, India has become the world's 12th biggest biotechnology economy having the second …



Promises alone cannot improve people’s health; government should know that

Now, government has promised ‘world’s largest health scheme’ whose implementation is not possible, at least in 2018

Government hospitals on sale!

India is eagerly handing over its public health facilities in towns and villages to private players.

Govt needs to curb 'unethical profiteering' by private hospitals

Unethical practices of private hospitals are a direct outcome of the regulatory vacuum

Why social health activists live a life of uncertainty

More than 0.87 million ASHAs in India are facing exclusion from social safety schemes

India continues to export substandard drugs

WHO report suggests that India is a major player in counterfeit pharmaceutical manufacturing