People's participation in formulating India's annual budget is negligible

"The officials just heard our points; they did not ask any questions," says an activist about a pre-budget meeting held December 6, 2017 to incorporate the views of civil society

Unmasking the Budget

The last full budget presented by Arun Jaitley was overwhelmingly focused on agriculture and public health. The catch lies in what he did not say


Possessed by land

Landholding can affect marital prospects. It can also affect sex ratios and lead to polyandry. A village in Alwar provides a snapshot

Will the boom last?

Fifteen years after it rose and went limp, the biotech sector, globally, as well as in India has seen a bull run of sorts. In January this year, some 10 healthcare companies went public on the NASDAQ. Meanwhile, India has become the world's 12th biggest biotechnology economy having the second …