Women in Odisha village take charge to fast track community forest rights

This isn’t the first time women have come together to not only protect forests, but also voice their demand for recognition of the Forest Rights Act


Going backward

Today the country faces a new challenge: even the traditionally well-off farming communities are demanding reservations in government jobs. Their demand is an offshoot of deepening agrarian crisis that if ignored can snowball into an explosive situation



What's failing farmers?

In 2015, Down To Earth had predicted that agrarian crisis has reached the tipping point, beyond which it will hit the national economy.

Desertification has increased in 90 per cent of states in India

Increased drying of soil will further precipitate the agrarian crisis in the country

Conflicts over water

Four of the 10 drought-hit states in the country face chronic conflicts because of poor water management and diversion of water to urban areas

Drought: the order of the day?

The drought-prone area of the country has increased by 57 per cent since 1997

How India is killing the country’s largest economy of the poor

New restriction on cattle slaughter will severely cripple the livestock economy which is bigger than crop economy; poor farmers shifted to livestock in face of uncertain rain and dwindling income

Farmers will bear the brunt of climate change

By 2050, India is likely to experience a temperature rise of 1-4°C; rainfall will increase by 9-16 per cent. This will have a detrimental effect on farmers in more than half of the country