The State Of India's Environment 2016 : In Figures (e-book)

The State Of India's Environment 2016 : In Figures (e-book)

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At a time when views are getting sold as news in high-decibel TV talk shows and newspaper edits, "State of India's Environment 2016: In Figures" showcases all the important facts and headline numbers that will help you form an informed opinion on issues that matter in India

Editorial and research directions: Sunita Narain and Richard Mahapatra
Authors: Kiran Pandey and Rajit Sengupta
Infographics: Raj Kumar Singh
ISBN: 978-81-86906-91-0

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  • AS i am interested in buying the tell me did we immediately get the download link for e-book after payment or their some way around.....

    Posted by: DA VINCI | 2 years ago | Reply
    • Please note you can download the eBook in pdf version from the link that will be provided when you get our receipt for the payment. Otherwise you can write to my colleague Raja with payment details and he will arrange for it. Write to him at:

      Thanks for your interest.


      Posted by: T R Ramachandran | 2 years ago | Reply
  • How is this report different from the '2016 Annual State of India’s Environment Report (SOE)'?

    Posted by: Sagar Jounkani | 2 years ago | Reply
    • The book is completely different from SoE. Both the books talk about environmental and developmental issues plaguing our country this year. But while SoE has an exhaustive list of stories, expert articles and analysis, SoE in figures tells important developments through data that is easy to understand and is visually appealing

      Posted by: Rajit Sengupta | 2 years ago | Reply
  • Very glad that DTE has brought out this. Years back The Hindu used to publish annual Survey of Environment but not now any more. Happy that Kiran and Richard have taken time out and compiled this. Can't wait to read. The price Rs.100/- is affordable and tempting. Best wishes for the authors and the book.

    Posted by: Gangadhar PANDAY | 2 years ago | Reply
  • It is found that 1 Kg of human excreta in toilets decomposes and emits about 150 litres of Bio-gas, containing mostly GHG Methane Gas during its life-span of 2 months. Only 10% solid sludge is obtained as residue.
    As compared to the above, 1 kg of excreta dries up within 5 - 10 days in the Sun and generates hardly 10- 15 litres of Methane gas. The dried solid can be used as manure.

    In view of such astonishing data, can the Centre for Science and Environment undertake studies on the amount of Methane gas generated per Kg of standard excreta in different conditions, i.e. i) closed toilets without any processing unit, but having a gas pipe connected to it for discharging the gas on the roof top, ii) Excreta in Open, exposed to Air and Sun light (not in rainy season)?
    The investigations are very important for Swachha Bharat Mission and will have far reaching effect on our policies and environmental protection.

    Posted by: Dr.. JEORAJ JAIN | 2 years ago | Reply
  • Hi,
    I am doing research on the environment impact of organized sector in India. I am wondering if this report helps me to get data on it.
    Please let me know.

    Posted by: Nimisha Pandey | 2 years ago | Reply
    • It doesn't have a focus on organised sector per se but it provides data on several sectors like agriculture, healthcare and energy.
      Have a look at the contents

      Posted by: Subhojit Goswami | 2 years ago | Reply
  • Hello,

    Is this available in print?


    Posted by: GUEST | 3 months ago | Reply
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