Why I Should be Tolerant

Thursday 26 May 2016
Why I Should be Tolerant

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Through the cacophony of current public discourse comes Sunita Narain's refreshingly well-argued collection of essays on critical environment and development issues 

Written by noted environmentalist and Down To Earth Editor Sunita Narain, "Why I Should Be Tolerant" is a quasi-autobiographical book which chronicles the global development discourse from the 20th and 21st centuries. Narain, listed by Time magazine as one of the world's 100 Most Influential People, has captured the origin and context of the most important environmental issues of our times. Her essays delve into, among other things, the local-to-global connection, the problem of inequity, the "right" development model and most importantly, the role of the poor in the overall environmental discourse.
The book releases this World Environment Day and coincides with the 25th year celebrations of Down To Earth.

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  • Good book. All should read.

    Posted by: Dr UN Nandakumar | 2 years ago | Reply
  • I should be tolerant because:
    a. My water supply depends on the political will in this country we are supposed to be FREE
    b. I can be harassed by the government in some pretext or the other if I belong to the politically weaker section of the society in this country we are supposed to be FREE
    c. The firms make all the arm-twisting while pricing their commodities in this country we are supposed to be FREE
    d. The elite damage inflictors to the environment go scot-free in this country we are supposed to be FREE

    etc., etc., and lot more......

    Posted by: Sanjukta M | 2 years ago | Reply
  • I am looking forward to reading the book. I believe it should be a must read for anybody interested in environmental issues in India.

    Posted by: Bono Sen | 2 years ago | Reply

    Posted by: Dr.s.k.m. BASHA | 2 years ago | Reply
  • imfomative

    Posted by: Dr. Skm Basha | 2 years ago | Reply
  • Madam has been quiet inspiring and talks with facts and figures and shows the path towards achieving sustainable goals towards our environment. She highlights the human flaws in terms of protection of Environment. I wish her all the best for her upcoming book. All the best madam. Keep moving a head.

    Posted by: Dr. Maniprakash Aravelli | 2 years ago | Reply

  • Humanity can no longer afford to do whatever it wants, we must seriously restrict population growth, the carrying capacity of the earth is not unlimited

    Posted by: Humanity Can No Longer Afford To Do Whatever It Wants, We Must Seriously Restrict Population Growth, The Carrying Capacity Of The Earth Is Not Unlimited | 2 years ago | Reply
  • I am trying to order a copy of "why should I be tolerant " for 300 ra, but the website is only allowing me to purchase for 20usd.
    Kindly assist

    Posted by: Henrietta BULLINGER | 2 years ago | Reply
  • Excited to get this book as every drop of water counts & vital role for living planet.

    Posted by: P B Mutha | 2 years ago | Reply
  • It was great to read your article "Desh mein sahishnuta par behas ka badalta swaroop" what you dare to right is very perfect. Where the farmers are getting ignored and they are compelled to do suicide, the reason behind is the weather conditions due to green house effect at a large space, specially is being created by the powerful developed nation and sufferers are those who are innocent.

    Infact the voice of Indian representative are also ignored in Paris environmental conference which shows the once sided decision of developed nation, firstly indirectly farmers were compelled to suicide and now it's turn of Indian public and other nations who are targeted. It's itself is a kind of terrorism, which cannot be legally defined.

    It's great that person like Sunita Narayan are still present who r doing good and hope for good governance system and putting their words with good dare.

    I congratulate and best wishes for the same. Nice to read your jamini hakikat mam.

    Posted by: Bhupendra Kumar Shijoria | 2 years ago | Reply
  • To the climate-wise, the book reads like a horror-story-of-sorts.
    To the majority that is indifferent and uncaring, and who subscribe to the NIMBY ideology, Sunita's writings are just some more inconvenient truths. i am personally convinced that Sunita Narain is likely to be the one person who is most conversant with the entire gamut of climate-related issues, and can offer the most realistic perspectives from the global south. She does not stop with mere observations and opinions. She writes also about what ought to be done by our country and by others.
    The message is simple - Manage your water, address your waste. There's not going to be enough money for newer and more sophisticated technological solutions; neither do we have the luxury of enough time to implement them.
    Sunita has covered everything relevant to the state of the environment - our foolish methods of waste generation, sewage management, water mismanagement, energy, governance, urbanisation, air pollution, health.
    My paisa-worth - Instead of the FM telling us day in and day out that India is the only bright spot in the entire world (for economists and capitalists), we need to ask him to look at Bhutan - the only truly green and climate-wise nation. Look neither east nor west, but just Bhutan-ward.

    Posted by: R Swarnalatha | 2 years ago | Reply
  • Very Good book to reflect personality and environment

    Posted by: Ambika Prasad | 2 years ago | Reply
  • When the introductory offer is Rs 300, why are you billing me for more than Rs 1000 unable to understand.Therefore not interested unless things are clear to me.

    Posted by: DILIP SALGAOCAR | 2 years ago | Reply
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