McDonald’s has been under a cloud in recent years as its US customers turn to alternatives. The Conversation explores what the sector is doing to keep customers hooked and sales rising

Let’s play with mud

Using earth to develop modern, sustainable buildings


Lighting up hearts

A hospital for cardiac patients in Ahmedabad is sunlit to cheer up patients. It saves energy, too


City trapped in a solar oven

Climate-incompatible buildings that fuel excessive use of air- conditioners not only add to the energy needs of cities but also create temperature hot spots


What’s good insulation?

Many architects use imported, expensive and environmentally inappropriate material


A smart idea

Economic growth has unleashed an enormous appetite for home appliances among the Indian middle class. At their current level of energy efficiency, these products can seriously threaten the energy security of the country. There is a way out. Move on to super-efficient appliances-now

Delhi's walking medicine bank

Omkar Nath Sharma has made it his vocation to collect unused medicines and distribute them to the poor


Assam bank is changing lives, making entrepreneurs of illiterate women

The cooperative bank has been helping marginalised women save and become financially independent

Small farms can be profitable

Ramesh Chander Dagar, an organic farmer from Akbarpur Barota village, Sonipat, Haryana …


Scheme against jobs

Government is bent upon shrinking jobs for the poor by fundamentally changing the rural …