Budget through the years post liberalisation

Published: Friday 02 March 2012

Eight noted economists, along with a scientist-activist, an industrialist, a bureaucrat and two educationists, analyse the impact that the IMF-directed structural adjustment programmes had on the environment
The finance minister's targets for restructuring -- lower fiscal deficit, stronger economic recovery and higher exports -- form the core of his latest budget
Finance minister Manmohan Singh has presented a budget that seeks to push the economy from stabilisation to growth, through structural adjustments
The finance minister has placed his bets on growth through rapid technological development, but critics say he should proceed with caution
Beneath the gloss of populist governmental rhetoric, this year's budget is a dead loss
The finance minister's money bag may emerge as the commoner's bete noir
Finance minister (FM) P Chidambaram's budget has been hailed by the media and the public as a landmark exercise. It has also been applauded for being a 'growth budget'
The Union budget 1999-2000 does not give enough impetus to the environment sector
Yet another tale of missed opportunities
To find out what the Union Budget has in store for science and the environment, Down To Earth spoke to environmentalists and representatives of the scientific and business communities. Their views...
The BJP was the only party which mentioned environmental issues in its poll manifesto. But the budget ignores it entirely
Indeed the corporate sector plays an important part in the national economy but is that all there is to this country's economic vision?
Yashwant Sinha pleases the industry by playing a rude joke on the environment
The finance minister's budget speech has come and gone. As analysts sit down to shred it to bits, Down To Earth looks at a wish list of proposals for a green budget
Will a right environment be created by the budget this year?
We need to give the devil his due. Finance minister, Yashwant Sinha, has drawn flak from almost all sides for his nightmare budget 2002
Breaking with tradition, Union finance minister Jaswant Singh chose not to conform to the two-part format while delivering his maiden budget speech on February 28
Some uncommon proposals in UPA's maiden budget
Survey reveals how MPs have made a thorough hash of development fund scheme
The discussions on the Union budget 2005-2006 reflect the media's middle-class obsession
The UPA government's first full-fledged budget is full of promises. How real are they?
What do you do when you have to chose between water and water scientists?
FM focuses on political environment
The elections brought the United Progressive Alliance (UPA). It spelt doom for India's economy. Or so our economic orthodoxy told us
The Union budget for 2007-08 is big on illusions, small on vision
It can be said that Union budget, 2007, is high on symbolism and intent
The Centre's commitment to targets stipulated by the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2003, threatens to set it on a collision course with states
The 2008 Union budget must be remembered. Not because it heralds an early election, but because it comes at a time when the world is battling four different but inter-linked developments
It was the biggest feature of the union budget, and was played to the maximum effect
A year ago, in this very column, I discussed the myopia of budget 2008, which did not touch upon events then beginning to unfold. Since then we have seen the world collapse and, perhaps, even change forever
Climate change and adaptive agriculture given a miss
Highlights of the interim budget 2009-2010
No incentives for organic fertilizers and sustainable farming
Budget should make diesel cars pay for subidised fuel, pollution
Say they are more vulnerable due to erratic weather
As I write this piece, the finance minister has dispatched the Union Budget 2011
The budget is more concerned about the consumer than the grower

No incentive for buses, no brakes on diesel cars


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