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3-Book combo offer on our FIRST FOOD series

We bring you three, tastily prepared books in our First Food Series collection, full of unique and many little known but exciting recipes, from the near and far corners of India, where these ingredients are turned into homely meals. Try recipes by India's top chefs who work diligently to make these foods fashionable and exciting. FIRST FOOD: Business of Taste - Rs.950, FIRST FOOD: A Taste of India’s Biodiversity - Rs.950, FIRST FOOD: Culture of Taste - Rs.950,


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Price: $ 125Rs. 180.00

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Published: Friday 12 July 2019

FIRST FOOD: Business of Taste - Rs.950 (US $60)

This is the latest in our First Food series of books. Good Food is First Food. It is not junk food. It is the food that connects nature and nutrition with livelihoods. This food is good for our health; it comes from the rich biodiversity of our regions.

Communities protect local biodiversity because they see value in it. These plants provide them food and sometimes, even meet their medicinal needs.

But they will stop caring for this resource if they fail to earn from it. With this, we will lose the taste of biodiversity from our plates. To prevent this, we need to put a value to it.

Combo Offer

When you go for the combo offer you will get the above book along with our other two popular books from this series:

• FIRST FOOD: A Taste of India’s Biodiversity - Rs.950 (US $60)
• FIRST FOOD: Culture of Taste - Rs.950 (US $60)

Each one of them is full of recipes and stories behind them. You will not only enjoy the read but also relish these exciting recipes.

Actual cost of these books – Rs.2,850.

(You have to pay only Rs.2,000 (including courier charges – in India)

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