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Annual State Of India’s Environment - SOE 2017

You can reserve your copy RIGHT NOW at a special price of Rs.190/-!!! We have made this year’s book even better incorporating some of the suggestions from our regular readers. It will be a collector’s item once again giving you the whole year’s highlights in one place. Students preparing for IAS and other competitive exams will obviously benefit from this book.


Print version

Price: $ 30.00

Published: Wednesday 23 November 2016

This is the fourth Annual report from Down To Earth. Each chapter has relevant articles that deal with current developments and related archival material from CSE’s more than 30 years of research. This makes each article/analysis wholesome as it gives one a true sense of history of the development, and a rounded view overall. We have roped in some well known external professionals to contribute to this year’s SOE, besides our own group of experts.

We will also be bringing out a related “SOE in Numbers” in March/April 2017, to supplement this SOE 2017. If you are interested in this too, you can reserve this and SOE 2017 at a special combo price, by writing to us at: rchandran@cseindia.org. “SOE in Numbers” will however be available in digital format only

Original Price: Rs.350 (US $30)

special price offer* for this month – Rs.250

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