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Documentary >> In search of water •Project Survival Media The documentary In search of water shows how people in the Thar use their collective wisdom to survive in the desert

Published: Friday 14 December 2012

With barely 200 mm of average annual rainfall, the Thar Desert is one of the most water-stressed areas in India. The recent vagaries of climate has brought to the fore even more disturbing questions of survival. In the Thar, women walk unimaginable distances. Hours of waiting in long queues barely yield a pot of saline water.

But people have the means to cope. People have survived in the scorching Thar because of their  wisdom of catching the sparse rainwater. The documentary In search of water by Internatonal journalism network Project Survival Media's India chapter brings to life a powerful story in which community members pool together their collective knowledge and build a system that keeps water close to home and sustains them during prolonged dry spells even in peak summers.

Click on video to find how communities are harvesting their ancient water wisdom.



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