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Cardiac care

HEART CARE FOR HOLISTIC HEALTH·Harbans S Wasir·Roli Books·Delhi·2001·84pp· Rs 275

Published: Friday 31 August 2001

-- health care has become a big business. Writers are churning out books addressed to the increasingly health conscious society. Most of the books aim at educating public on the dos and don'ts on diet and various common illnesses. It discusses ways to prevent illness especially through controlling diet and food practices, life style and behavioural changes. It attempts to address the same issue, but focuses on heart care with much more credibility as the author is a renowned cardiologist.

The strength of the book is its informative content on human heart. It deals with the structure and functioning of heart, various disorders, risk factors, treatment and the various surgical options available and the life style changes that help in keeping the heart healthy. Appropriate illustrations have been provided along with a glossary on commonly used terms in heart care.

The chapter on common heart diseases gives an overview of various heart ailments. Cardinal symptoms, essential for distinguishing between an impending heart attack and heart ailment have been dealt in detail. Various diagnostic tests used in heart care and intervention measures available add value to the book. The commonly asked questions and answers with related cardiac ailments is very useful for anyone interested to know about heart care.

Despite the deep knowledge of the author on the subject, the book is a disappointment in terms of the way it is presented. The focus of the book holistic health has not been discussed adequately. There is no proper focus on the relationship between diet, life style and a healthy heart. If the book is targeted to educate common people, which it appears from the simple language used, the author could have avoided libral use of medical terms.

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