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Dating nature

Report>>For those who choose to remain close to concerns over the environment each day of the year

Published: Wednesday 15 January 1997


, the calendar designed by Bangalore-based artist-environmentalist C F John, may be the right choice. John is a founder-member of Visthar (an environmental NGO in Bangalore), and has designed and produced campaign material for various green causes. His organisation has also initiated discussions among school students in Bangalore and Mysore on mega development projects, as part of a programme called 'Development not Destruction'. It invited children to express themselves through their paintings and poetry.

John's 1995 calendar was done for the National Fishworkers Forum. The 1996 calendar -- commissioned by the National Alliance of People's Movement -- focussed on the impact of development projects on the environment and people. This year's calendar, the handiwork of John and Raghavendra Rao, a fellow artist, pictures creations that have explored the use of new materials and forms in contemporary Indian art. Earth, one of the mediums used by the duo, symbolises the kinship humans share with each other and nature.

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