Double river


Published: Monday 31 July 1995

TheSea with aDoubleBottom is the story of the Black Sea. The film questions the lack of scientific initiative in trying so find solutions for reducing the pollution in the Black Sea.

The Black Sea is called the double river because excess hydrogen sulphicle fiound in the lower part of the sea is not conducive to the survival of life. Yet the top layer is a rich source of grey mussel, crabs, shrimps and fish. In fact, the ancient Greeks referred to it as the most hospitable sea because of its rich marine life.

But, due to pollution from the nearby industries, the sea is turning into an inhospitable place. The increasing levels of hydrogen sulphide are suffocating the fish. At the beginning of the 20th century the excess hydrogen sulphide was found only below 180-200 metres, but now the levels have risen and it can be found at a depth of about 50 metres. Yet, only in the last 6-7 years has some effort been made to suaJ( away the hydrogen sulplaide from the sea.

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