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Environment Reader for Universities

The book is totally based on the UGC syllabus for environmental studies for undergraduates; and it comes to you from CSE, an NGO whose primary task is environment oriented research, since 1980. Hence you can expect the very best book available for College students to understand the environment issues in a simple way.


Print version

Price: $ 20.00

By Richard Mahapatra, S S Jeevan, Snigdha Das
Published: Monday 06 March 2017

It also replicates a classroom experience for better understanding and comprehension.This is the age of the “environment”.It is for this reason we must learn environmental issues, and who better to explain that than CSE, a world-recognized global thinktank?Environment is about our economies; our future survival; and, our well-being. Environment is not yesterday’s concern. It is central to the business of growth. But it is also (central to) inclusive growth, because only then it can be sustainable.

So, teaching and learning environment is about everything in our lives. Go ahead and order your copy right away.

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