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Excreta Matters - SOE 7 (Vol.2)

This is India's first and most comprehensive survey presented in an attractive 2-volume set on the state of its water and its management. It is the 7th Report in our highly popular SOE Series. It would be of immense value to professionals and decision makers in the Central and State Governments besides academicians, researchers, NGOs and all major Libraries.


Print version

Price: $ 60.00

By Sunita Narain
Last Updated: Friday 27 May 2016

In these two volumes you will get to know the water-waste profiles of 71 Indian cities. Within their pages lie the model for a sustainable and affordable growth.

Volume 2 contains a very detailed survey of 71 cities, and presents an assimilation of the survey's results.

Pages : 496
ISBN : 978-81-86906-56-9
Publication : Centre for Science and Environment
Format: Paper Back
E-Book Availability: Yes
Language: English
Any Special Offers: Yes, on Series purchase<br /

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