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Medical Negligence and the Law in India, Duties, Responsibilities, Rights by Tapas Kumar Kole, OUP, Rs 950

Published: Saturday 04 July 2015

Most of us have suffered medical negligence at least once in our lives. Litigation on such malpractices has been increasing every year, especially since the enforcement of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. This book throws light on a wide range of issues including the duties, responsibilities, and rights of doctors; likely areas of litigation in medical specialities; consent of patients; and compensation.

Open Source, Technology and Policy by Fadi P. Deek, Cambridge University Press, Rs 900

From the Internet’s infrastructure to operating systems, the story of the open source movement embraces technological advances, unprecedented collaboration and tools for facilitating distributed development. This book discusses the movement’s widespread impact on education and government, and its cultural and commercial repercussions.

Angels and Ages, Lincoln, Darwin, and the Birth of the Modern Age, by Adam Gopnik, Random House Rs 700

In this captivating double life, Gopnik searches for the men behind the icons of emancipation and evolution. Born on the same day in 1809 and separated by an ocean, Lincoln and Darwin coauthored our understanding of humankind’s place in the world. Gopnik reveals these two men as they really were: ambitious manipulators and courageous adventurers, grieving parents and brilliant scholars. Above all we see them as thinkers and writers, making and witnessing the great changes in thought that mark truly modern times.

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