From the blurbs

Published: Wednesday 31 March 2010

Health and population in India from earliest times to present by Sumit Guha, Permanent Black, Rs 295

In the last millennium old world populations and their new world colonies have expanded enormously. This book highlights the debates in the population history of Asia, Europe and the Americas. A rare document on vaccination is translated for the first time to illustrate diverse cultures and medical techniques.

The Service Revolution In India edited by Ejaz Ghani, OUP, Rs 795

South Asia’s growth pattern has attracted global attention because of the success of the service sector. Challenging the ‘iron law’ of development that industrialization is the only route to rapid growth, this volume explores the opportunities the sector opens up.

Law like Love: A queer perspective of law in India, Arvind Narrain and Alok Gupta, Yoda Press, Rs 325

With the Delhi High Court legalizing sex between two consenting gay adults, sexuality and the law entered mainstream discourse in India, inviting both celebration and resistance. The July 2009 judgement stands on the shoulders of a longer history, argue the writers of this volume. It is playful, critical, reflective and irreverent.

The Maruti Study: How a public sector company put India on wheels, Harper Collins, Rs 499

It heralded India’s automobile revolution. Maruti’s targets were considered unachievable by almost everyone. Maruti chairman R C Bhargava and journalist Seetha show how it was done in this riveting account of the landmark achievement.

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