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Published: Thursday 15 April 2010

Theatre of Conflict, City of Hope, Mumbai 1660 to Present Times, Marriam Dossal, Rs 2450

The work traces the evolution of Mumbai from seven ‘islets’ to a megalopolis of hope, grit and despair. It traces how coconut gardens, rice fields and fishing villages yielded to cotton mills, docks and railways in the 19th century, and more recently to skyscrapers, malls and urban slums.

The Sunderbans, Folk Deities, Monsters and Mortals by Sutapa Chatterjee Sarkar, Orient Blackswan, Rs 550

Geographical and ecological evidence indicates the Sunderbans were once covered with dense jungles even as patches of cultivation sprang intermittently. This book uses folklore and myths to study the struggle between man and nature from the 17th century onwards.

Conservation at the Crossroads, Science, Society and the Future of India’s Wildlife, Ghazala Shahabudin, Permanent Black, Rs 595

Using the Sariska Tiger Reserve as its major anchor, the book identifies the malaise underlying India’s dominant conservation paradigm of top-down control and exclusion. It surveys alternative approaches which try to reconcile social equity with biodiversity goals.

The death of Sigmund Freud, Mark Edmundson, Penguin, Rs 475

When Hitler invaded Vienna in 1938, Sigmund Freud, old and ill, was among the city’s 175,000 Jews. This book zeroes in on the last two years of his life, during which he was rescued and brought to London. It grapples with the demise of psychoanalysis after Freud’s death.

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