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Published: Tuesday 15 December 2009
Growth and Human Development in the Northeast edited by Purusottam Nayak, OUP, Rs 750

The Northeasts paradox is that it is a region with a high human development index and poor economic growth. This multi-disciplinary study compares the regions human development record with the countrys other states. They emphasize that the mismatch between the development index and economic growth is at the root of social tensions in the northeast.

The Beautiful Tree: A Personal Journey into How the Worlds Poorest People Are Educating Themselves by James Tooley, Penguin, Rs 499

Wandering into the slums of old Hyderabad, educator James Tooley was shocked to find it overflowing with small, parent-funded schools.Could these be the answer to help achieve universal education? The Beautiful Tree movingly uncovers the efforts of poor communities in education, and finds young, engaged teachers, passionate entrepreneurs, and teaching models that work to ensure that students are engaged and learning.

Health and Population in South Asia: From Earliest Times to the Present by Sumit Guha, Permanent Black, Rs 295

Over the last decade there has been growing awareness of the burdern humans place on the ecosystem. The history of human populations acquires a new interest in this context.

This book focuses on the interaction between demography, climate, health, medicine and culture. It also includes the evolution of environmental hygiene in India through the twentieth century.
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