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Last Updated: Saturday 04 July 2015
Himalayan degradation
Colonial Forestry and Environmental Change in India by Dhirendra Datt Dangwal, Cambridge University Press, Delhi, Price Rs 895
The book questions the recent trend of treating environmental and agrarian concerns as two domains.

Corporate accountability and sustainable development
by Peter Utting and Jennifer Clapp, Oxford University Press, Price Rs 695
As neoliberal policies took effect in the 1990s, attention focused on corporate self-regulation and voluntary initiatives under corporate social responsibility. The book uncovers the lid on the limitations of CSR.

Bankruptcy to billions
by Sudhir Kumar and Shagun Mehrotra, Oxford University Press Rs 495
The book reveals for the first time how the Indian Railways transformed from near bankruptcy to post Rs 25,000 crore annual cash surplus in 2008.

Memory's gold; writings on calcutta
Edited by Amit Chaudhuri, Penguin, Rs 699
Kipling's "city of dreadful night", the "nightmare experience" of Nehru--Calcutta provokes extreme reactions. Essays, stories and memoirs in this volume bring alive the city's wetlands, its factories, some of them now defunct, its food and its streets.

The intelligent person's guide to good governance
by Surendra Munshi, Biju Paul Abraham and Soma Chaudhuri, Sage Publications, Price Rs 270
The book argues any engagement with good governance must explore different modes of partnerships, including public participation.
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