From the blurbs

Published: Tuesday 31 March 2009
Handbook of Environmental Law: by P B Sahasranaman, Oxford University Press, Price Rs 895.
The book analyses the response of the Supreme Court and high courts to public interest litigation. It also examines concepts such as the polluter pays principle, the precautionary principle, the and the public trust doctrine

Land Acquisition, Displacement and Resettlement in Gujarat: 1947-2004 by Lancy Lobo and Shashikant Kumar, Sage, Rs 895
The book puts the term 'development' under the scanner and focuses on displacement, marginalization and impoverishment as consequences of the admittedly debatable methods of industrialization in Gujarat.

India's Unfree Labour: edited by Jan Bremen, Isabelle Guerin and Aseem Prakash, Ox ford University Press, Price Rs 895
An interdisciplinary analysis of bonded labour.

The Book of Indian Butterflies: by Issac Kehimkar, Oxford University Press and Bombay Natural History Society, Price Rs 1,500
This is an illustrated guide to 735 butterfly species, it also has sections on butterfly watching and photography.

Modernizing Nature, Forestry and Imperial Eco-Development: by S Ravi Ranjan, Orient Blackswan, Price Rs 445.
The book departs from the prevalent scholarly perspective that science policies in British India were handmaiden of imperial rule. It argues there were myriad policy streams and the tensions between them help explain current policy dilemmas.
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