From the blurbs

Published: Tuesday 15 February 2011

Climate change, an Indian perspective

by Sunil Kumar Dash, Foundation Books, Rs 600

This book is a multi-disciplinary analysis of climate change. It brings scientific analysis and peoples' perceptions about climate change. The literature includes books, scientific journals and reports, as well as articles in periodicals and newspapers.

Citizen’s report on governance and development by National Social Watch, Sage Publications, Rs 750

Every year, the Citizens’ Report on Governance and Development studies the performance of institutions of governance—parliament, judiciary, policy and local self governance— through the lense of fundamental economic and social values like development, freedom and security. Prepared by civil society and academicians, the 2010 report examines the sensitivity, efficiency and efficacy of institutions of governance in ensuring rights and delivering public services.

The view from lazy point, a year in an unnatural world by Carl Safina, Henry Holt and Company, US $32

This book is a series of field reports entwined with a loving meditation on interconnectedness of nature and humanity. Naturalist Carl Safina’s account is about a heartbreak for a world that remains unaware of how imperiled it is and relates the urgency of climate change.

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