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Published: Monday 28 February 2011

Inside wikileaks, my time with julian assange at the world’s most dangerous website

by Daniel Domschiet- Berg, Random House, Rs 599

In the past three months WikiLeaks managed to publish more groundbreaking news than the Washington Post did in 30 years. Still, little is known about how it operates, and even less about its founder, Julian Assange. This book’s author was involved with WikiLeaks and its spokesperson until recently. He provides an insight into their secrets.

Chocolate nations by Orla Ryan, Zed Books, Rs 825

Six years ago, Orla Ryan was covering the commodities for Reuters in London. Later she went to Ghana to report on cocoa trade and found why prices are life and death issues for the farmers. This book is an account of their struggles, and what it takes to turn cocoa into a warehouse of Ferrero Rocher.

Ecotourism development in India: communities, capital and conservation by Seema Bhatt and Syed Liyakhat, Foundation Books, Rs 250

Ecotourism has affected people and the environment. Communities have raised voices against them at local, national and international levels. This book showcases key policies and legal frameworks linked to ecotourism development.

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