From the blurbs

Last Updated: Saturday 04 July 2015

Nanovation, how a little car can teach the world to think big by Kevin and Jackie Freiberg and Dain Dunston, Penguin, Rs 450

This is an authorised version of the Tata’s small car story. There is an emphasis on the good news.

Left politics in bengal time travels among bhadrolok marxists by Monobina Gupta, Orient Blackswan, Rs 245

This book traces the Left Front government’s rise to power in the wake of the Emergency. It tells the story of how a communist almost became India’s prime minister, and how the CPI-M after powering its way to electoral victory through promises of empowerment to the most deprived, began gradually to betray its followers. It describes the CPI-M’s evolution from a party of unstinted opposition to the Congress to one keeping its former adversary in power at the Centre.

Patrons of the poor by Narayan Lakshman, Caste Politics and Policymaking in India, OUP, Rs 675

Why has there not been more progress with reducing poverty in India? Patrons of the Poor offers a rich account of politics and policymaking in India, as it seeks to provide an answer to this vital question.

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