From the blurbs

Last Updated: Saturday 04 July 2015

From the brink of bankruptcy, The dcm story, Vinay Bharat-Ram, Penguin, Rs 499

Vinay Bharat-Ram has had a long ringside seat in matters concerning Indian industry. Grandson of the legendary Lala Shri Ram, he grew up in one of Delhi’s oldest business families and today he heads the DCM Group. In this book he recalls his charismatic grandfather, the Partition, the charm of the Delhi of his childhood and finding his feet in business in a command and control economy.

On disasters in india, Anu Kapur, Foundation Books, Rs 895

This book examines what sociologist Anu Kapur calls the three time periods in study of disasters, namely, colonial, independence and post-globalisation periods.

The beginning of infinity: Explanations that Transform the world, By David Deutsch. Allen Lane, £25

In this book, science writer David Deutsch, argues that explanations have unlimited scope and power to cause change, and the quest to improve them is the basic regulating principle not only of science but of all successful human endeavour.

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