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Last Updated: Saturday 04 July 2015
India's New Capitalists; Caste, Business and Industry in a Modern Nation by Harish Damodaran, Permanent Black and The New India Foundation, Rs 695
Business in India was traditionally the preserve of a few baniya communities. It's not so now. This book uses social history to systematically document and understand India's new entrepreneurial groups.

Media Ethics by Paranjoy Guha Thakurtha, Oxford University Press, Rs 295
The journalist has to deal with a wide gamut of ethical issues. The book examines the questions around objectivity, libel, copyright and right to information. Ethical concerns related to the Internet and advertising are also put under the scanner. This book will be useful as a textbook for journalism students. Media scholars will also find it useful.

Water, Ecosystems and Society by Jayanta Bandyopdhyay, Sage Publications, Rs 550
This book draws attention to the ecological benefits of floods, and economic productivity of water systems. It conceives water management as an interdisciplinary subject, which needs to be understood not just in terms of engineering, but in its economic, sociological and, of course, ecological dimensions.

Urban Studies edited by Sujatha Patel and Kushal Deb, Oxford University Press, Rs 345.
This volume examines the diverse aspects of urban life, including industrialization, urban inequality, ethnicity, urban infrastructure, governance, conflicts, lifestyle and leisure. It also has a chapter on the influence of Bollywood on India's urban life.
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