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Last Updated: Saturday 04 July 2015

The stem cell hope by Alice Park, Penguin, US $25

Few people know much about stem cell research beyond the ethical questions raised by using embryos. But in the last decade, stem cell research has made huge advances toward eliminating some of our most intractable diseases. Alice Park takes us from stem cell’s controversial beginnings to the recent electrifying promise of creating the versatile cells without using embryos at all.

Patterns of potential human progress edited by Barry Hughes, OUP, Rs 995

Building on the World Health Organization’s global disease and risk assessment projects, this volume explores possible health futures till 2060.

The silicon jungle: a novel of deception, power, and internet intrigue by Shumeet Baluja, Princeton University Press, US $15

This novel is a cautionary tale of data mining’s promise and peril, and how others can use our online activities for political and personal gain just as easily as for marketing and humanitarian purposes. It raises serious ethical questions about today’s technological innovations and how our most confidential activities can be routinely pieced together into rich profiles that reveal our habits and desires—all ready to be exploited in ways beyond our wildest imaginations.

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