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Last Updated: Saturday 04 July 2015

New world of indigenous resistance: noam chomsky and voices from north, south and central America,

edited by Lois Meyer and Benjamín Maldonado Alvarado, Orient Blackswan, Rs 550

For many indigenous societies, protecting community-based customs has involved the rejection of state-provided education, raising interconnected issues regarding autonomy and cultural sustainability. In this book these questions are approached through an innovative exchange between linguist and human rights advocate Noam Chomsky and more than 20 scholars, activists and educators from across the Americas.

The beautiful and the damned by Siddhartha Deb, Penguin, Rs 499

In 2004, after spending six years in New York, when Siddhartha Deb returned to India to look for a job he discovered that sweeping change had overtaken the country. With the globalisation of its economy, the relaxation of trade rules, the growth in technology and the shrinking of the state, a new India was being born. Deb realised he had found his job: to explore this vast, complex and bewildering nation and try to make sense of what was under way.

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